FunFines and even jail if you keep money that...

Fines and even jail if you keep money that you find on the street

Who else and who least has been a coin or a small bill that we have found thrown in the street. We all thought that this was normal and that it does not involve gravity and, apparently, there is risk. Well, they can give us fines and even jail if you keep money that you find on the street . Why?

This is established in various articles of the Penal Code, where it is specified that “those who, to the detriment of another, appropriate for themselves or for a third party, money, effects, securities or any other movable thing, which they have received in deposit, will be punished. , commission, or custody, or that have been entrusted to them by virtue of any other title that produces the obligation to deliver or return them, or deny having received them ”.

Moreover, it also makes known that if the amount of money that we have found and we keep is not more than 400 euros , a fine of one to three months will be imposed.

But, it depends on the money that we find, because if it is important, then we could have two years in prison.

What do we do when we find money on the street?

Well, very much to our regret, which is to keep it as something normal and especially if we see that it does not belong to anyone, or it has been lost and no one takes it or claims it, the Civil Code also discloses what we should do in these cases.

Article 615 reminds us that when a movable thing is found, it must “be restored to its previous owner. If this is not known, it must be consigned immediately in the power of the Mayor of the town where the finding was verified.

That is, we must go to the Local Police of the place where we have found the money to deliver it. Or go to the lost and found office to say that we have found the money on the street.

What is done with the money we give?

From here, it may be that the person who has lost the money appears, and in this case, they will give us a reward (which is a part of the value of the item or money, in that case). But if no one is going to claim this money, after two years, then the object is for the person who found it.

That is, with these actions, you can also win, because otherwise you have already seen that if you keep money that you find on the street you can go to jail.


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