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Fiona Erdmann describes in an emotional interview: miscarriage during corona infection

Fiona Erdmann suffered a miscarriage last year – which she also spoke about publicly. Now she revealed that she was infected with the corona virus during this time. Her honest words about her loss.

Dubai – Fiona Erdmann is currently beaming – the 33-year-old is happy. The reason for this is her pregnancy, which she also shares with her partner on Instagram. A few days ago, the model also announced the gender of her child: it will be a girl! After her son was born in 2020, two years later her daughter is on her way. But there were not always happy days like now in the past year – because Fiona Erdmann suffered a miscarriage *, which she also communicated publicly. Now she would like to give another insight into her past days and told what was not yet known. The 33-year-old had Corona* when she lost her child in 2021.

Fiona Erdmann talks about her renewed corona infection

Fiona Erdmann talked about this time in her new YouTube video. In an Instagram post, she also wrote that there is always a fear that something could happen to her unborn child: “Can’t wait to meet you and I’m just so grateful that everything is good so far. In between, the fear comes up again and again,” says the 33-year-old. But she also makes it clear that it is her own personal experience with Corona during pregnancy. The doctor would have told her at the time that she probably had a fever during the pregnancy and that the corona disease may have passed on to the child and that is why her baby didn’t make it.

These are honest words that the model utters in her video. Two weeks ago, Fiona Erdmann was infected again with the corona virus. Your fears are there again because of it. She was again in quarantine for several days – she started with some symptoms, but days later they became milder. “I would also like to say that I am not vaccinated. But there are also several reasons – one of the main reasons is that I was actually somehow always pregnant the whole time. When it all started with vaccinations, I was always pregnant. Then we lost our baby, so I had completely different thoughts and worries. And then I got pregnant again – so I wasn’t vaccinated,” she explained.

Fiona Erdmann: Your doctor thinks that Corona is the trigger for your miscarriage

She also gave her viewers an insight into how she was doing with the last corona infection in 2020: “I’m burned out, I’m tired, I’m broken,” said the 33-year-old in her YouTube video. Two nights before the next ultrasound last year, she also got a slight fever – but it did not occur to her that she herself suffered from Corona. While she was with her gynecologist, she and her partner were confirmed that their child’s heart had stopped beating. A blood and corona test was then carried out. It was important to her doctor to do a corona test, as Fiona Erdmann herself said: “Then she just said to me that she would like to do this test because she has noticed several times now that corona miscarriages are likely too Miscarriages: “Premature births, miscarriages and a birth with a course that was very difficult for the child after birth”. She continued to make it clear to her viewers and fans that she is only talking about her own experiences.

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Fiona Erdmann: After the miscarriage, the police had to be contacted: “It’s a huge issue here in Dubai”

Fiona Erdmann and her partner Mohammad also buried their baby – they wanted to say goodbye to their child. But in Dubai it doesn’t seem to be that easy, as the model herself said: “That was a huge issue here in Dubai because it’s just done very differently here. It is not at all common practice here for such a child to be buried before it is six months old (in its sixth month of pregnancy). And then the police had to come and it had to be approved. We sat in this hospital for several hours.” Many YouTube users commented on the model’s 22-minute video, admiring her for her strength and courage: “You are such an amazing woman Fiona. Absolutely tough, honest and an absolute heart person. Thank you for addressing such topics and sharing them with us. Happy birthday to your family,” wrote one viewer. Fiona Erdmann gives daily updates and information from her life on Instagram.

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