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Fire in Berlin's Grunewald: situation still not under control – Autobahn before opening

Created: 08/08/2022 10:44 am

Several embers continue to blaze in Berlin’s Grunewald. Firefighters are attempting to bring the fire under control. The news ticker.

  • Fire in Grunewald : The situation is stable but still not under control.
  • Sprengplatz in the middle of Berlin : Discussions about the location continue to gain momentum.
  • This news ticker about the fire in Berlin’s Grunewald forest is updated regularly.

Berlin – In the middle of Berlin, several fires continue to rage at a police detonation site. The situation in the operation area in Grunewald is stable, but not yet under control, the fire brigade announced on Monday (8 August). The extinguishing work continued in the morning. During the day they want to try to get closer to the blast site. The aim is to reduce the danger area, said a spokesman.

Fire in Berlin’s Grunewald: situation still not under control

According to the fire brigade, the fire in Berlin’s Grunewald continues to burn. There are still several embers. The emergency services observed the situation overnight, but no extinguishing work took place in the dark. On the other hand, there are no longer any flames at the blasting site itself, where the fire is said to have started. However, the ground is still very hot. The fire brigade can now use two firefighting robots and a firefighting tank to cool defined hotspots on the site. Overall, the situation is assessed as very dynamic.

At a briefing scheduled for Monday morning, the emergency services on site want to reassess the situation. Among other things, it should be discussed whether the Autobahn 115 – called Avus – which has been closed since Thursday can be released again. Trains have been rolling on the railway line, which runs parallel to the motorway but at a slightly greater distance from the forest fire, since Saturday.

Feuerwehr- und Polizeiautos und stehen in der Nähe der Brandstelle am Sprengplatz der Berliner Polizei im Grunewald.
Fire brigade and police cars and stand near the fire site at the Berlin police detonation site in Grunewald. © Christophe Gateau/dpa

Explosive site in the middle of Berlin: Discussions about the location – Brandenburg will probably help out in the short term

The major fire in the middle of Berlin broke out last Thursday night (August 4th). There had been fire and explosions on the site of the detonation site, where tons of old grenades, ammunition and confiscated fireworks were stored in buildings. The police detonation site for the destruction of weapons and explosives in Grunewald has existed since 1950.

In view of the events, there is debate as to whether the blast site is in the right place in the middle of the capital. In the short term, Brandenburg will help out with the disposal of explosive ordnance, said Berlin’s Interior Senator Iris Spranger (SPD) on Sunday evening in the RBB “Abendschau”. After the current operation, the cause will first be clarified. “I don’t want to drive a 500-pound bomb for over 1.5 hours on any highway,” she added. 70 years ago they thought something when choosing the location for the blasting site. Since this is not near residential areas, the safety of the residents of Berlin and the security forces can be guaranteed.

Extreme heat and drought are increasing the risk of forest fires in many parts of Europe. The situation in the Saxon Switzerland National Park is still not under control. Flames were also blazing this summer in the popular holiday destinations of Italy, Spain and Greece. (ph/dpa)


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