NewsFire in residential building: resident dies from smoke inhalation

Fire in residential building: resident dies from smoke inhalation

Last Thursday evening there was a violent fire in a residential building in Fredelsloh. The fire brigade has to rescue several people from the building.

Fredelsloh – A 69-year-old resident died in a house fire on Thursday evening (03/17/2022) in Fredelsloh. Police in Northeim and the public prosecutor’s office in Göttingen announced on Friday afternoon that the 69-year-old had suffered smoke inhalation in the fire, as a result of which he died in a clinic on Friday morning.

A 38-year-old resident and a 91-year-old resident also suffered from smoke inhalation, and the 91-year-old also suffered burn injuries. A 68-year-old neighbor also inhaled smoke, as did an 18-year-old firefighter. Both were taken to the hospital, police said.

The cause of the fire has not yet been determined. The Northeim police stated that the property damage was around 150,000 euros. The police have confiscated the fire site for further investigation.

Fire in Fredelsloh: fire brigade saves residents from burning house

Around 9 p.m., callers reported a burning apartment building on the street “Am Nonnenbach” in Fredelsloh. Shortly thereafter, flames erupted from the windows of the house, and a little later the house was already engulfed in flames, according to a police spokesman.

When the first firefighters arrived, according to Konstantin Mennecke from the Northeim district fire brigade, a badly sooty resident came towards them and reported that two other residents were missing. Wearing respiratory protection, the fire brigade immediately started rescuing people and were able to get the two residents out of the house a little later and hand them over to the rescue service.

Emergency chaplain takes care of residents at the fire in Fredelsloh

Parallel to the rescue of people, the focus was on firefighting, for which all fire brigades in the city of Moringen and the turntable ladders of the district fire brigade and the city of Northeim were alerted. To ensure a sufficient number of breathing apparatus wearers, the local fire brigade in Höckelheim was also requested, Mennecke continued.

An emergency chaplain was deployed on site to look after residents and emergency services. Moringen’s mayor Heike Müller-Otte was also on site that night and thanked the emergency services. The fire was extinguished around 2.15 a.m., and 120 other rescue workers were on duty in addition to the Northeim police. (Kathrin Plika)

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