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Fireman with a heart saves cats from fire and adopts them

A firefighter and his team rush to help animals and rescue them from a fire. In the chaos, there are two soulmates: a rescued cat and a firefighter.

Florida – Firefighter Brett and his team are on the spot immediately: The Pet Alliance shelter caught fire at night. The helpers searched every corner for escaping dogs and cats all night long. The next day they found three more cats and rescued them from the rubble. Brett immediately fell in love with the cat Mia and decides to adopt the orphaned cat.

You can read why Brandon decided on Mia the cat and how she is doing in her new home at *

Animal stories with a lot of heart, where rescuers become foster parents at the same time, are more common: Fireman Brandon rescued a kitten and later adopted it without further ado *. Nicolaj is called to the scene after a passerby found three abandoned kittens – the police officer also rescued and adopted the only surviving kitten *. * and are offers from IPPEN.MEDIA

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