News"First photo without body shaming": Cathy Hummels shows a...

"First photo without body shaming": Cathy Hummels shows a special picture with "new curves"

Cathy Hummels did it. In a current Instagram snapshot, she is almost completely naked, but this time there are no negative comments. Her fans celebrate her.

Munich – When Cathy Hummels posts a picture on Instagram, the comments go round. The influencer receives a lot of encouragement from her fans, but negative comments are also not uncommon – especially when Cathy is more revealing*. In a recent post, the 34-year-old poses without a cover. Can this go well?

Yes it can! “I dare say that this is the first photo without #bodyshaming on my channel,” writes the wife of BVB star Mats Hummels* under the photo that shows her on the beach in Thailand*. Cathy is currently moderating the third season of the RTL2 * show “Kampf der Realitystars”. But how can it be that a revealing photo on the beach doesn’t attract (body) critics?

Cathy Hummel’s “new curves”: lemon picture inspires Instagram fans

Very simple: the photographer held a lemon close to the camera for the snapshot. It covers Cathy’s body from her knees to her neck. “If se Life gives you lemons, be a big lemon,” writes the influencer in Denglish under her post. She’s alluding to a saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Cathy, however, has decided to skip the lemonade part and become a lemon herself.

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“Be sour, be sweet and be you” is Cathy’s motto: “Be mad, be sweet and be yourself!” In the description of the picture, the It-Girl also addresses her fans directly – and the critics. “I like my new curves and you?” She asks the group on Instagram.

Cathy Hummels teases Instagram critics with a lemon photo – “simply terrific”

The comments column below the post is full of hearts and lemon emojis. “Simply terrific, CLASS,” writes a user. The fears of another – “The oarlocks will find something” – have not materialized. Almost all comments are positive, no Instagram user comments on Cathy’s body.

Really nobody? It doesn’t work without inconvenient comments after all. “I’d like to squeeze you out,” writes an Instagram* user. But at least: He provides his comment with a smiley smile and the “jk” hint. This stands for “just kidding”. (jo) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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