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Five fantastic cars

 coche-fantastico-1Ecological and with three wheels
In 2010 theAptera 2e, a 3-wheel electric car designed almost entirely by the wind tunnel, which explains its almost alien appearance. With an ultralight structure and only 680 kilograms of weight, the2efrom Aptera Motors will be able to travel up to 190 kilometers without emissions. And they claim that it accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 10 seconds.




Motorcycle or car?
Land GliderIt is a bet for the future of the Japanese Nissan. At just one meter and ten centimeters wide, it is a compact electric vehicle somewhat bulkier than a large motorcycle. It has a front seat for the driver, while the passenger sits behind. And instead of a steering wheel, it has a stick similar to the one used to control an airplane. Its 4 wheels tilt up to 17 degrees and move independently to be able to take all kinds of curves.




Without driver
Audi has applied the latest robotic technologies to its Audi TTS sports car to turn it into a driverless autonomous vehicle. The company intends to demonstrate its capabilities in a rally that will take place in 2010, ascending Pikes Peak, in the American state of Colorado.




Spa car
Renault has teamed up with the Biotherm firm, from L? Oreal, to createZoe ZE Concept. It is a 100% electric vehicle with the roof conceived as a protective membrane from heat and cold, which incorporates photovoltaic cells. The vehicle will have a complex air purification system, which maintains the hydration of the skin, avoiding its dryness. In addition, Zoe ZE incorporates a diffuser of aromas that will vary according to the time of day. It is scheduled to debut in 2012.




Who does not run … it’s becaus it’s flying
In 2011, the first flying car from Terrafugia, a company formed by alumni of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), will go on sale. Is namedTerrafugia Transitionand, although at first glance it resembles a conventional passenger car, it can unfold a pair of wings in just 60 seconds and transform into an airplane. It uses gasoline, can reach 185 km / h in flight and will go on sale in 2011 at the price of $ 194,000 (less than aLamborghini ).

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