NewsFlying in the “ScootinSilence” - child-free zone for passengers

Flying in the “ScootinSilence” – child-free zone for passengers

Flying without the noise of children is what many passengers long for. An airline is introducing the “ScootinSilence” service: bookable seats in a child-free zone.

Singapore – An airline from Singapore, Scoot, is offering passengers a new service for the first time: With “ScootinSilence” all passengers who want a quiet flight can book seats in a first-class relaxation area. The difference to previous flight classes – no entry for children under twelve years of age allowed. The first passengers have already flown in the child-free zone and reported on their flight experience.

How "ScootinSilence" was received by the passengers and how well the service works can be read on *

Other restaurants are already campaigning for child-free stays: this café prohibits children under five from entering because they make too much noise and dirt. This airline will also cause a stir in the future, because Lufthansa canceled the on-board announcement “Welcome, ladies and gentlemen” out of consideration for people belonging to the gender group diverse. * and are offers from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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