FunFood: Is white chocolate really chocolate?

Food: Is white chocolate really chocolate?

In the market we can find many different types of chocolate: milk chocolate, dark bitter or semi-bitter chocolate, and also white chocolate. But is white chocolate really chocolate? This is a question that we have all asked ourselves at some time since it is a food widely consumed by adults and children.

The first thing is to know what the different types of chocolates that exist are made of :

  • Milk chocolate: cocoa paste (between 25% and 40%), which includes cocoa butter, milk and sugar.
  • Dark chocolate: cocoa (between 40% and 85%), and very little sugar.
  • White chocolate: cocoa butter, sugar and milk.

What is actually white chocolate?

White chocolate was born in the 1960s by Nestlé . The company put the famous Milkybar bars on sale. In a short time they became a great sales success, especially among children.

White chocolate is made up of the following. The ingredients of white chocolate are as follows: sugar (55%), cocoa butter (27%), a fat of vegetable origin, and milk (18%) . Therefore, more than half of its composition is sugar. To this we must add that none of the ingredients is a cocoa solid.

Taking this into account, white chocolate is not considered to be chocolate as such, but rather a derivative of it . For it to be considered, it would have to have cocoa paste among its ingredients. This without forgetting that it has a very high content of both sugar and fat, so it is a very unhealthy food.

But there is still more. Among the white chocolates that we can buy, there are very low quality . They are easy to differentiate by their white color instead of ivory. In this case, manufacturers use animal or vegetable fats instead of cocoa butter.

Therefore, we can conclude that white chocolate is not a recommended food for anyone. It provides many calories that do not satisfy since they come from sugar, in a way that favors weight gain . Of course, it is not suitable for diabetics, nor for those with high cholesterol due to its high fat content.

If you want to eat chocolate without endangering your health , it is best to choose dark chocolate whose purity is more than 75%. Now, it is still not a recommended food for every day.

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