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For 250 euros: Laura Müller unknowingly sells a video message to Jan Böhmermann

Created: 07.09.2022, 6:50 p.m

Laura Müller can be booked for money on a website for video messages. So Jan Böhmermann also placed an order. With Olli Schulz, he laughs at the words of the unsuspecting Wendler woman in the podcast.

Cape Coral/Berlin – As recently as June 2020, Laura Müller (22) and Michael Wendler (50) had tax debts of around 1.2 million euros in Germany. After Michael Wendler also attracted negative attention with conspiracy theories and thus made sure that he was no longer bookable, the two moved to Florida in America. They live there in luxury, but the influencer was also looking for alternative income opportunities, such as via or OnlyFans.

Laura Müller can be booked online: personal video messages are available from 125 euros

The 22-year-old can be booked for private video messages on the platform. “Your wish is my command,” she announced her commitment at the time. Laura Müller records birthday greetings or congratulations and is paid royally for it: you can buy a clip from 125 euros. Stars like Roberto Blanco, “Bachelor” Paul Janke or the Robens can also be booked via the platform.

Fotocollage: Laura Müller und Jan Böhmermann.
Fallen: Laura Müller recorded a video message for “Olli” on behalf of “Jan” – it was about Böhmermann and Schulz. © Screenshot Müller and IMAGO/C. Hardt/Future Image

Apparently, Jan Böhmermann also became aware of the website and sent Laura Müller a request for “encouraging words” to Olli Schulz. With him, Jan Böhmermann has the podcast “Fest & Flauschig” – during a live recording, he presented the video result of the unsuspecting Laura Müller to his audience, which cost him a whopping 250 euros, as he says.

Recipe for success “Fest & Fluffy” – Spotify’s first podcast

In 2016, the “Fest & Flauschig” podcast was the first to be heard exclusively on Spotify. There are now over 350 episodes. According to Spotify, the format is one of the most streamed podcasts in German-speaking countries and is consistently at the top of the Spotify podcast charts. In the 2019 review of the year, “Fest & Fluffy” was even ranked fourth among the top podcasts internationally according to Spotify, and in first place in this category in 2018.

Jan Böhmermann laughs at Laura Müller for the video message

In any case, the Wendler wife gives everything in the short recording: “Hello dear Olli, your dear friend Jan wrote to me that you are not doing so well and I definitely wanted to send you encouraging words. Keep your head down,” she is heard saying on the Spotify podcast. “I know when things don’t look so rosy sometimes, you get up the next morning and it already looks completely different again” and “Stay positive and don’t let it get you down,” she wishes her client. “She knows what she’s talking about,” laughs Böhmermann as he plays the video.

In any case, Olli Schulz is “touched”. Laura Müller emphasizes: “You’re not alone, your friend Jan is worried.” Meanwhile, the audience can hardly stop laughing. Böhmermann adds sarcastically: “She was difficult to reach …”

Most recently, Jan Böhmermann called for the pharmacy logo to be changed in his podcast. It was a “Nazi sign,” he argued. Sources used:; Podcast Fest & Fluffy / Spotify;

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