NewsFor Glööckler, the dream of the king of the...

For Glööckler, the dream of the king of the jungle is over

Harald Glööckler is a fashion designer and self-proclaimed “walking spare parts store” – but the “pompous” total work of art is denied a jungle crown. Glööckler flies out of the RTL jungle.

Cologne – But not a king of the jungle: fashion designer Harald Glööckler has to leave the RTL jungle camp shortly before the final. The 56-year-old – at times traded as a favorite – failed on Friday evening due to the voting behavior of the spectators.

Too few of them voted for the designer from Maulbronn, as moderator Sonja Zietlow and her colleague Hartwich announced. In addition to the “pompous” fashion designer, the chronically good-humored celebrity bodyguard and joker Peter Althof (66) also has to pack his things. In the semifinals of the reality show “I’m a star – get me out of here!” Two candidates were eliminated from the race.

Glööckler: “I really enjoyed being there”

The fashion designer Glööckler, known for his opulently kitschy look, carried the audience vote with composure on the outside. “I was very happy there, I would have been happy to make it to the final,” he said. But he also wanted to be “totally honest”: his health was so bad that he was actually happy to get out. “I really hoped all day that I would actually get out,” he explained. He was also looking forward to a change of clothes: “I can finally wear glitter again. That is also beautiful.”

The vote also means that three men under the age of 35 will contest the finale of the show on Saturday evening. Actor Eric Stehfest (32, “Good times, bad times”) and the two reality candidates Filip Pavlovic (27, “Bachelorette”) and Manuel Flickinger (33, “Prince Charming”) then vie for the jungle crown. There are three names that would not have been typed for the podium at the beginning of the 15th season of the show, which is being created in South Africa this year because of the corona pandemic.

Flickinger has “goosebumps without end”

Above all, Flickinger, the main secretary of justice in civilian life, could hardly believe his luck. “Oh god,” he said. “I have goosebumps without end.” Pavlovic at least has some relevant experience of how such a selection process works. About a year ago he won a jungle replacement show from RTL. The prize was a place in the regular jungle camp, which he has successfully defended so far.

Glööckler, however, had made daring decisions in the past few days. He turned down a jungle trial where he risked ending up in a vat of offal, fish entrails, and sap. Glööckler cited his vegetarianism as the reason for this. Not everyone was convinced by the line of argument presented. Actress Anouschka Renzi, a kind of friend in the camp, also accused him of being too dominant. Glööckler’s reply: “I’m just a man who created an empire who had to fight hard all my life.”

Men’s shared apartment with strange ideas

It has been clear for a while that the jungle crown will rest on male hair this year. Renzi was the last woman to be expelled from the camp on Thursday due to a lack of viewer votes. Five men remained behind, who did very well in a test on Friday. It was a matter of defying wind, water and one’s own inadequate sense of balance on a soapy slide. Five stars jumped out.

It also became obvious that an all-male shared flat occasionally brings strange ideas to light. “Men, today we can do what we want,” said Filip Pavlovic. “We can even walk around here naked if you’re up for it.” Which wouldn’t have been a great idea on a reality show with cameras for every angle. dpa

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