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"Astronomical sum": Michael Mittermeier rejected requests for the jungle camp

In his stage programs, Michael Mittermeier regularly teases his TV colleagues. But even taking part in a trash TV show doesn’t seem to be an option for the comedian. Because the 55-year-old has now revealed that he has rejected a record sum from RTL for the jungle camp.

Cologne – In the RTL show “I’m a star – get me out of here” a number of stars literally bit their way through. But not every celebrity wants to face the jungle camp adventure (here all the news on the topic page). Michael Mittermeier (55) also seems to have problems with disgust tests, lack of sleep and exotic animals. Because the comedian let the request of the station, despite the “astronomical sum”, be crushed ice cold, as reported by

Michael Mittemeier German comedian and author
Born April 3, 1966 (age 55) in Dorfen
Books I think I already had it: The Corona Chronicles, Back to Life. CD.
First TV appearance June 13, 1981 in the ZDF program Scooter

Michael Mittermeier is well received by the audience with his direct manner

Comedian Michael Mittermeier doesn’t mince his words: Whether it’s on his stage show or in his books, the 55-year-old is constantly teasing his TV colleagues and speaking as his beak grew. That’s exactly what goes down extremely well with the viewers.

A peculiarity that would certainly be suitable for the RTL show jungle camp. RTL seemed to think so too, which is why they sent him a request a few years ago. But Michael Mittermeier refused, as he now reveals.

Michael Mittermeier steht für sein LIve-Programm im Juli 2021 auf der Bühne in Bonn.


Michael Mittermeier feels comfortable on stage – but the comedian cannot imagine participating in the jungle camp

In the jungle camp, the candidates have to face a number of disgust tests

The RTL show “I’m a star – get me out of here” is characterized by pure entertainment. Because in the camp there is not only bickering, but the stars are also allowed to compete in numerous jungle tests that have it all. In addition, there is a lack of sleep, meager food rations and exotic animals.

A mixture that has already cost a number of celebrities all their nerves and kilos. It goes without saying that not everyone wants to take on this challenge. Michael Mittermeier also seems to prefer watching his TV colleagues than experiencing the adventure first hand. He made that clear in an interview with T-Online.

“Astronomical sum”: Michael Mittermeier rejected requests for the jungle camp

In an interview, Michael Mittermeier talks about the jungle camp request: “It was ages ago: absurdly, they wanted to send me to the jungle camp at a time when I was just incredibly successful, almost at the peak of my success,” said the 55-year-old to T-Online.

Even the fee didn’t seem to convince him to take part in the RTL show: “I was offered a really astronomical sum. Actually, it was a shame to turn down so much money.” But the comedian prefers to keep to himself how much money it was about: “You don’t talk about it. But there’s a basic principle that I’ve stuck to over the years: I’ve never been on a show I don’t like,” says Michael Mittermeier.

Michael Mittermeier talks about Til Schweiger’s crime scene

Instead of taking part in a TV show, the 55-year-old prefers to continue writing books. On March 10, “Just one more episode! Television from A to Zapped!”, in which he openly talks about Til Schweiger’s crime scene.

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