NewsFor her 18th birthday: Shania Geiss celebrates for three...

For her 18th birthday: Shania Geiss celebrates for three days with 500 euro champagne

Created: 08/05/2022, 04:55 am

Shania Geiss feierte mit Champagner und Wunderkerzen in ihren 18. Geburtstag. (Fotocollage)
Shania Geiss celebrated her 18th birthday with champagne and sparklers. (photo collage) © Screenshots Instagram/shania__geiss; the_real_davina_geiss

Shania Geiss just celebrated her 18th birthday. There was also a big party with expensive champagne. Robert, Carmen and Davina were also there, commenting on the party marathon as “gigantic”.

St. Tropez – Shania Geiss (all about the Geiss daughter) is finally 18! The millionaire’s daughter celebrated with the whole family and many friends in the celebrity town of Saint-Tropez in France. On Instagram she showed some excerpts from the party, reposted stories from friends and sister Davina Geiss (19). Mama Carmen (57) and Papa Robert Geiss (58) were also present in the club, where the freshly baked 18-year-old celebrated her coming of age. Typically Geissens, things were pretty decadent.

Dom Perignon in the 1.5 liter version: Lots of champagne for Shania Geiss’ 18th birthday

Because on their daughter’s big day, the Geissens (everything about the millionaire family) splashed out and invited them to dinner and plenty of alcohol. They apparently dig deep into their pockets for this: The story shows how some champagne bottles of the “Dom Perignon” brand are first drunk in the beach bar, and later the followers are greeted by the typically glowing label in the club video. Sometimes people drink directly from the bottle.

But not only that, Shania Geiss also publishes a video sequence in which a German flag is waved in the background while a friend holds the XXL model of the champagne bottle in her hand. A 1.5 liter bottle of Dom Perignon Magnum costs up to 1,100 euros. At Shania there was the somewhat “cheaper” one for about 500 euros.

“Already wild”: Carmen Geiss talks about a three-day party for both daughters

However, while Shania shared all sequences in her own story on Instagram without comment, Carmen Geiss spoke to the newspaper “Bild”: “She was home with her sister around half past four. The next day we celebrated in a beach club. She had a few friends with her – I can only say that it was pretty wild,” says the Geiss mom. Since Sister Davina was unable to celebrate her own 18th birthday due to Corona, this was also taken as an opportunity to pop the corks properly. How Carmen found it? “Gigantic!”

Davina Geiss surprised her fans on Instagram with a look from the 1960s. The “Flower Power” outfit delighted the fans. Sources used :;; the_real_davina_geiss

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