NewsFor self-infection: Corona viruses offered on the Internet

For self-infection: Corona viruses offered on the Internet

In order to secure proof of recovery for those who refuse to vaccinate, a Dutchman sells a coronavirus kit for self-infection on the Internet. The man was arrested.

Amsterdam – Online retail is booming. In addition to sneakers and groceries, worryingly, coronaviruses are now being offered free of charge. A Dutchman sold virus kits with which those unwilling to vaccinate can infect themselves in order to obtain a recovered ID card.

For self-infection: Corona viruses offered on the Internet

On the website in question, you could order a so-called “corona kit” with a tube “full of viruses” – with all accessories for a deliberately induced infection for a mere 33.50 euros. There they also promised that the virus sent was not older than three months, "so that you can be sure that it contains the latest mutations and variants".
As * revealed, the Dutch authorities are seriously concerned – and have already taken action. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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