EconomyFor when? In the SAT and Customs there are...

For when? In the SAT and Customs there are still strategic appointments

After the departure of Tatiana Clouthier from the Ministry of Economy and the new appointments, after filling the position, there are two strategic pending for the collection of taxes and foreign trade in the Tax Administration Service ( SAT ) and the National Customs Agency ( ANAM ).

With the appointment of , they appointed Antonio Martínez as head of the SAT, freeing up the position of Administrator of Large Taxpayers, which has been key to tax collection via inspection during this six-year term.

In terms of foreign trade, it is pending to name who will be the new head of ANAM, after the resignation of Horacio Duarte, just last week.

“The departure of SAT officials, and with effects on collection, is a very important aspect, thinking that the budget for the following year is optimistic, and if the analysts are right, if it grows less, collection would come down, and in In this aspect, having people prepared with experience is of the utmost importance,” Alejandro Hernández, president of the Mexican Institute of Finance Executives (IMEF), shared on Monday.

Both positions are important in the generation of tax revenues, in the second quarter of the year, Large Taxpayers (legal entities) represented 0.02% of the register, but the contribution of this segment amounted to 983,860 million pesos, which represented 48 % of total tax revenue.

It is important to point out that large taxpayers withhold VAT from the taxable goods and services they sell, which is paid by consumers, to later report it to the SAT.

Meanwhile, the ANAM agency is in charge of federal customs revenues made up of the General Import Tax (IGI), the General Export Tax (IGE), the Customs Processing Law (DTA), accessories and compensatory fees.

In the last four years, federal customs tax revenues collected under this scheme represent an average of 2.0% of all tax revenues.

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The company agreed to pay after the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) ruled in favor of the SAT.

Armando Ramírez will be the administrator of Large Taxpayers of the SAT

After the departure of Raquel Buenrostro, the Executive sent to the Chamber of Deputies the short list for the new general administrators who will report to Antonio Martínez, the new head of the treasury.

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The opinions were voted in favor by the Treasury and Public Credit Commission. They are expected to be voted on Wednesday in the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies without major reservations.

Who is he and why was he named the new head of the SAT?

So far this six-year term, Antonio Martínez Dagnino has put large companies on the line to pay their taxes and is now the new head of the SAT.

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The now former head of the SAT is a mathematician from UNAM, and a master in Economics from the Colegio de México, and has more than 20 years of experience in public administration.