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That the SAT return it to me: The 4 personal expenses that Mexicans deduct the most

Taxpayers registered as natural persons can deduct 10 personal expenses, twice as much as in 1978, according to information from the SAT.

The SAT temporarily lifts the embargo on Alsea accounts

The tax authority claims a credit for 3,881 million pesos from the company for the purchase of Vips from Walmart in 2014, which led the SAT to seize some of the company's bank accounts.

Alsea vs. the SAT: what is the origin of the dispute and what does the fiscal body claim?

The company obtained a resolution for the suspension of the collection of a credit for 3,881 million pesos for the purchase of Vips, in 2014. However, the dispute could last for months, and even years.

How to register a company in the SAT?

There are several requirements to register a company in the SAT. Know what they are to have your business in order before the Treasury.

The tax reform seeks to simplify procedures and provide legal certainty, says the SAT

Raquel Buenrostro, head of the SAT, rules out a tax increase with the future reform, since evasion in the country reaches 1.4 billion pesos.

Have you already made your annual declaration before the SAT? You have your last chance

Before you receive a request from the authority, you must submit your statement to the SAT. It is crucial to present it in June, the month after the official date expires.

Interjet seeks agreements with creditors within a year

Argoss Partners, the firm in charge of negotiating with creditors, trusts that a judge will approve as soon as possible to start the legal process.

Legal entities may renew their e. Signature from the SAT portal

The tax authority informed that they will be able to continue renewing the e. Signature, without the need to go to a module, as long as it has lost its maximum validity one year before.


Mexico may face more claims from other countries for its energy policy

In addition to complaints from other trading partners, Mexico puts at risk the arrival of more investments in the energy sector, considers the Swiss financial group UBS.

Polar bear injures tourist on Spitsbergen and is killed

A polar bear has entered a tent camp on Svalbard and injured a woman. The animal can be chased away, but is injured so badly that it has to be killed in the end.

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