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Ford Smart Mobility Program: the autonomous car is on the way

The very idea of a car that is driven already especially awakens the imagination. What has always been science fiction is very close to happening in reality : a vehicle that controls everything and takes us to our destination quickly, safely and comfortably.

The autonomous car

Mark Fields, Ford CEO, stated earlier this year that the first autonomous car is likely to hit the roads in 2020. However, we will have to wait until 2035 or 2040 until the technology and legislation are sufficiently developed to so you can get into your car, fall asleep and wake up when you arrive at your destination.

Ford smart mobility program

Immediately after announcing its Smart Mobility Program, Ford launched a research center in the heart of the high-tech world: Palo Alto, in Silicon Valley, whose primary mission is to foster innovation. All key points included in Ford’s Smart Mobility Program are being carried over to relevant research at these world-class facilities. Ford will supply the fusion hybrid autonomous research vehicle to Stanford University engineers for the next phase of road testing.

Safety and efficiency

The autonomous car will greatly increase the safety of passengers. Once all vehicles are connected to each other, know the exact location of each other, can check road conditions, and understand traffic situations, accidents are highly unlikely to occur again. And when it comes to traffic efficiency, autonomous cars can drive much closer to each other than humans. In this way, you can take advantage of every inch of the road and minimize the potential for traffic jams. City centers will be less congested and it will take less time to get from one point to another, which will mean a decrease in energy use.

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