NewsFour possible laureates: Chemistry Nobel Laureate 2022 to be...

Four possible laureates: Chemistry Nobel Laureate 2022 to be announced shortly

Created: 10/05/2022 10:46 am

The Nobel Prize week continues. After the winners for medicine and physics were announced, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry is now announced.

Munich/Stockholm – Two Nobel prizes have already been announced. On Monday, the Swedish evolutionary researcher Svante Pääbo received the Nobel Prize in Medicine. The Nobel Prize in Physics went to three researchers on Tuesday. The Frenchman Alain Aspect, the American John F. Clauser and the Austrian Anton Zeilinger received the prize for research in the field of quantum physics. The Nobel Prize in Chemistry will be announced on Wednesday.

Nobel Prize 2022: Announcement of the Nobel Laureate in Chemistry

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm is to announce the winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry at 11:45 a.m. at the earliest. The winner or winners will receive prize money of ten million Swedish crowns, which corresponds to around 920,000 euros. The Nobel Prize can go to several people if they have researched in the same area. They then have to share the prize money. The Nobel medals and diplomas are traditionally awarded on December 10th – the anniversary of the death of prize donor Alfred Nobel (1833-1896).

Die Nobelpreisträger 2022 werden diese Woche verkündet. Am Mittwoch wird der Nobelpreisträger für Chemie bekannt gegeben.
The announcement of the laureates of the Nobel Prize in Physics. © Jonas Ekstromer/dpa

Last year, the German chemist Benjamin List and the Briton David MacMillan received the prize. They were honored for their development of a sophisticated method for accelerating chemical reactions. The German chemist List is director at the Max Planck Institute for Coal Research in Mülheim an der Ruhr and MacMillan teaches at the US University of Princeton.

All Nobel Prize winners 2022 and dates at a glance

Nobel prize Nobel laureate announcement
Medicine Nobel Prize 2022 Svante Pääbo October 3, 11:30 a.m
Physics Nobel Prize 2022 Alain Aspect, John F Clauser, Anton Zeilinger October 4, 11:45 a.m
Chemistry Nobel Prize 2022 October 5, 11:45 a.m
Nobel Prize in Literature 2022 October 6, 1 p.m
Nobel Peace Prize 2022 7 October 11 a.m
Nobel Prize in Economics 2022 October 10, 11:45 a.m

Chemistry Nobel Prize 2022: Four possible winners

Who is nominated for the award remains secret. Before the Nobel Prize winners are announced, the Clarivate media group shares the list of “Clarivate Citation Laureates” with researchers who have a chance of winning a Nobel Prize or another scientific prize. For example, the scientists were frequently quoted in important publications. Four names are on the list for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry:

  • Zhenan Bao, Professor of Chemical Engineering at Stanford and Director of the Stanford Wearable Electronics Initiative
  • Bonnie L. Bassler Professor of Molecular Biology and Chair of Molecular Biology at Princeton University and E. Peter Greenberg Professor of Microbiology at the School of Medicine at the University of Washington
  • Daniel G. Nocera Patterson Rockwood Professor of Energy at Harvard University

Nobel Prize 2022: A total of six prizes will be awarded

After the announcement of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, the announcement of this year’s winners is halfway through. The literature category continues on Thursday and the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday, which, unlike the other prizes, is awarded in Oslo. The prize for economics will follow on Monday next week, although it is not mentioned in Alfred Nobel’s will. This prize is donated by the Swedish Reichsbank. (vk/dpa)

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