NewsFourth corona vaccination useless? Study dampens all hopes

Fourth corona vaccination useless? Study dampens all hopes

The corona vaccination was the greatest hope in the fight against the pandemic. But Israel is now vaccinating a quarter of the time. New study dampens hopes again.

Hamburg – At the end of last year, there was great hope that the corona pandemic would end soon. The vaccinations against Corona started, many hoped for a long vaccination protection. It is now clear: A third vaccination is needed and, most likely, a fourth as well. But is that enough? Hardly likely. An Israeli study on the fourth corona vaccination dampens all hopes.
The result of the new corona study and why the fourth vaccination seems useless is revealed here by *.

Although the new Omicron variant is likely to cause mild to moderate disease courses, experts remain warned. Because according to a study by the Hamburg UKE, even mild courses lead to organ damage *. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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