NewsFrance increases fuel discount from September 1st

France increases fuel discount from September 1st

Created: 2022-09-02, 3:58 p.m

Viele Deutsche fahren zum Tanken nach Frankreich, um den dortigen Tankrabatt auszunutzen.
Many Germans drive to France to refuel to take advantage of the tank discount there. © Bas Czerwinski/imago

In Germany, the tank discount expires, while neighboring France decides to increase it.

Update from Friday, September 2nd, 3:57 p.m .: Some Germans take advantage of the tank discount in France. Especially in the areas on the border like Saarbrücken, some drivers drive to the neighboring country to fill up there. This reports Focus Online . Because diesel, super and E10 are significantly cheaper there: drivers can save up to 40 cents per liter.

Because while the tank discount in Germany expired at the end of last month, France increased it. The discount has been raised from 18 cents to 30 cents per liter. In France, the discount only expires at the end of the year. However, it should be reduced before then.

France increases fuel discount from September 1st

First report from Thursday, September 1st: Paris – While the so-called tank discount expired in Germany on August 31st, France increased the discount at the pump on Thursday night (September 1st). Instead of the previous 18 cents, a discount of 30 cents per liter of petrol or diesel will be granted on the mainland in September and October. According to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, there is only a smaller discount in Corsica and in some overseas territories.

In the following months, the tank discount should then melt away in France as well. In November and December it is to be reduced to 10 cents on the mainland and phased out completely at the end of the year.

Tank discount: France continues the relief measure

The fuel rebate is part of a package designed to increase the purchasing power of the French. Rising prices and an increase in purchasing power are two of the issues that French society currently considers most important, according to a recent survey by the Ifop Institute.

In Germany, fuel prices have meanwhile skyrocketed again since the tank discount expired at midnight. According to an initial assessment by the ADAC, premium petrol of the E10 variety cost around 25 cents more than the previous day on average around 9 a.m. nationwide. With diesel, there was a plus of about 10 cents. (ial/dpa)

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