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"Frightening and amazing at the same time": Woman shows her plump baby bump online

Created: 10/25/2022 3:04 p.m

Screenshot zeigt eine Frau, die mit Drillingen schwanger ist
The woman showed her bulging baby bump online and amazed the users of the TikTok platform. © Photomontage BW24/Screenshot TikTok/@andreeamedeea

A pregnant woman proudly presents her plump baby bump on the TikTok platform. The video amazes and shocks users in equal measure.

Stuttgart – A pregnancy changes a lot in the life of expectant parents. For many women in particular, the nine months of joyful anticipation are the best time of their lives. But there are also many physical changes, some of which are stressful. Strong nausea at the beginning of a pregnancy, the growing belly or finally the birth are challenges that mothers have to master.

In the case of a multiple birth, i.e. if two or more children are growing up in the womb, the difficulties then increase again. This is proven, among other things, by a woman on the social media platform TikTok. There she shows her plump baby bump with triplets and evokes different reactions from users.

Woman has triplets and shows huge baby bump online – “Frightening and amazing at the same time”

The petite woman’s stomach curves outwards. Individual veins can even be clearly seen. In the comments below the TikTok video, many users can’t believe that the female body is capable of something like this. “This is both terrifying and amazing at the same time,” writes one user. “Women are incredible! What our body can achieve and create”, or “It’s amazing what a female body can achieve”, it also says. “I could not do it. Respect,” say some. “Wow your man better treat you like a queen for the next 18 years,” commented another user.

Seeing this, some people have their doubts. “How do you manage to stand up straight without tipping over? The center of mass is then far in front of the legs,” asks a user. “Wow, wow, never seen it like that” and “It’s so hard to believe that it’s real,” write others. At the end, the woman shows that the clip is real and presents the result: three cute little babies. “I thought a whole football team would come out of it,” jokes one user.

Pregnancy with multiples carries some risks

A pregnancy with multiple births is not without danger for a woman. Among other things, multiple births are always classified as high-risk births, since there is a possibility that the babies will be born earlier than their expected due date. A dysfunction of the placenta or an umbilical cord complication can lead to an undersupply of one or all children. There are also dangers for the mother, such as high blood pressure, edema, thrombosis, iron deficiency and anemia. In most cases, the multiple births are also obtained by caesarean section, since a natural birth is not possible at all. However, this should not be an unnecessary reason to panic, because according to a study, people suffer from anxieties more often than others.

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