NewsFrom 106 to 89 kilos: Pietro Lombardi becomes a...

From 106 to 89 kilos: Pietro Lombardi becomes a muscle man

Created: 08/11/2022 07:09 am

Pietro Lombardi trainiert fleißig im Gym, um sein Gewicht runter zu bekommen.
Pietro Lombardi works hard in the gym to lose weight. © Screenshots Instagram/Pietro Lombardi

Since May, Pietro Lombardi has been training regularly in the gym to lose weight. Now he tells about his success on Instagram: From 106 to 89 kilograms. But he doesn’t seem entirely happy with it either.

Cologne – Pietro Lombardi (30) announced in mid-May that he wanted to lose weight with a shirtless image. On Instagram he showed the relentless truth with his plauze. Since then, the DSDS star has been going to the gym and training like crazy. With some ups and downs, the singer is now really comfortable in his own skin and is giving the fans a weight update.

From 106 to 89 kilograms: Pietro Lombardi proud of the weight loss thanks to the gym

“I’m fat,” said Pietro Lombardi on May 11, 2022. At that time he weighed 106 kilos. He’s since replaced that statement with, “I don’t have any arms anymore, nothing,” while flexing his arm muscles and flaunting it to his more than two million followers. What is meant is probably: He no longer has fat on his arms.

Honestly, he also writes in his Instagram story that he now weighs 89 kilograms. A real sense of achievement: “I was on the scales today and for the first time in two years I weigh under 90 kilos. It’s so weird in my head, really. Because I was 106 kilos [heavy] and I was a real colossus. So I was already like that… I was a package.”

And now gain weight again? Fans have clear opinions

But Pietro Lombardi still has a belly, he admits. Nevertheless, he feels a lot lighter: “I have the feeling that I weigh 14 kilos,” said Lombardi. But the sentence at the end leads to confusion: “That’s a catastrophe,” he adds. Is he not satisfied with the weight loss? In any case, there is a poll in his story in which he lets fans vote on whether he should gain weight again. But everyone agrees: 86% vote for “No”.

Shortly after the singer talked about his fitness successes on Instagram, his car broke down. After “just one kilometer” on the road, Pietro Lombardi stops. Sources used:

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