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"Full risk": Beatrice Egli gives a live encore without playback in the TV garden

Created: 8/17/2022 4:46 am

Beatrice Egli begeistert das Publikum im ZDF-Fernsehgarten mit ihrem Spontan-Auftritt am 14. August 2022 (Fotomontage)
Beatrice Egli surprised the Fernsehgarten audience with her performance and even let herself be carried away to an encore – without any playback. (Photomontage) © Screenshot ZDF/Fersehgarten

Eric Philippi has to cancel his appearance on the ZDF television garden due to illness, but he can rely on his good friend Beatrice Egli. The pop singer jumps in at short notice and inspires the audience. She even allows herself to be carried away to an encore – quite atypical for Fernsehgarten without playback.

Mainz – In the ZDF television garden, the really big hit stars are regularly on stage, including in the current episode from August 14th. Beatrice Egli’s appearance wasn’t announced, but that doesn’t detract from the great atmosphere. After their performance there is even an encore – without any playback.

Beatrice Egli instead of Eric Phillipi: Schlager surprise in the ZDF television garden

Actually, Eric Phillipi should be on the stage at the ZDF television garden on Sunday. But after the pop newcomer had to cancel due to illness, his good friend Beatrice Egli, one of the most successful pop stars of all time, stepped in at short notice. A surprise that enthralls the audience in the studio.

Beatrice Egli am 14. August 2021 auf der Bühne des ZDF-Fernsehgartens
Surprise succeeded: Beatrice Egli stood in for her good friend Eric Philippi at short notice. © Screenshot ZDF/Fernsehgarten

With her new single “Volles risk” Beatrice makes the local audience sway. After her performance, there was thunderous applause for the pop singer. She even gets carried away with an unplanned encore.

“Full risk”: Beatrice Egli gives a live encore without playback in the TV garden

Standing ovation and unending applause: Beatrice Egli is completely overwhelmed by the reaction of the ZDF television garden viewers, beaming from ear to ear. Andrea Kiewel tries to talk to the pop singer, but Beatrice Egli prefers to enjoy this intense moment. With an unplanned encore – quite atypical for Fernsehgarten without playback, she thanks her fans and starts the refrain again.

Andrea Kiewel, on the other hand, causes a real excitement. In the ZDF television garden she announces a German musician. She pays close attention to speaking gender-appropriately and explains that she must do so. Later, ZDF commented on the moderator’s choice of words. Sources used: ZDF/Fernsehgarten

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