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Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II: Coffin in London – kilometers long queue

Created: 09/15/2022, 2:48 p.m

The coffin of Queen Elizabeth II is laid out in London until the funeral. Millions of people are waiting to say goodbye to the Queen.

Update from Thursday, September 15, 2:30 p.m .: In addition to a security guard, Lady Gabriella Windsor, Elizabeth II’s niece, is said to have collapsed at the funeral service. When the coffin arrived at Westminster Hall, she suffered a dizzy spell. This is reported by the British magazine Hello . There was sudden unrest among the mourners. Lady Gabriella’s husband Thomas Kingston and her mother Marie Christine von Reibnitz helped her to her feet after she collapsed. This can be seen on a video.

Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II: Theresa May shows up at the coffin – kilometers long queue

First report from Thursday, September 15: London – After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the coffin of the regent arrived in London on Wednesday (September 14). In the late afternoon, the procession finally arrived at Westminster Hall, where the Queen’s coffin is laid out for the funeral on Monday (September 19).

Der Sarg der Queen wird bis zur Beerdigung in der Westminster Hall aufgebahrt.
The Queen’s coffin is laid out in Westminster Hall for the funeral. © Gregorio Borgia/dpa

After a service, to which the entire royal family was present, numerous citizens now have the opportunity to say goodbye to their former queen. About two million people are expected. According to media reports, the waiting time is currently around 30 hours. Among the people is ex-Prime Minister Theresa May, who bowed in front of the coffin with her husband Philip, according to Sky News footage.

Queen Elizabeth II is dead: Queen’s coffin laid out – security guard collapses in Westminster Hall

Elizabeth II’s coffin is closely guarded around the clock. On Thursday night (September 15) an incident occurred: a guard collapsed in London’s Westminster Hall, as shown in a live broadcast by the public broadcaster BBC . During a guard change, the guard fell forward and hit his face on the ground. In the otherwise very quiet Westminster Hall, where the Queen’s coffin is laid out, the impact was clearly audible. The security guard had already faltered several times before. Bystanders guards rushed to the fallen man’s aid and rolled him onto his back.

Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral can be followed on September 19 on TV and live stream.

In a festive funeral procession, the coffin of Elizabeth II was pulled through the English capital from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall in the British Parliament. King Charles III and other members of the court, including his sister Princess Anne and sons Prince William and Prince Harry, walked behind the carriage. Millions of mourners and onlookers gathered along the route. (asc)

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