NewsGas discount in December: who gets how much money

Gas discount in December: who gets how much money

Created: 10/25/2022 5:03 am

In the fight against the extremely high energy prices, citizens should also be relieved by a one-off payment in December. The basis are old haircuts.

Hamm – If an expert commission has its way, households in Germany should be relieved of the high energy prices in two steps. Key word: gas price brake. A one-time payment is planned for this year, and there should be a price cap in 2023.

Here you can find an overview of how the special payment 2022 for owners and tenants should work and how high the deduction will be.

Ein Gaszähler hängt im Keller eines Einfamilienhauses.
In the fight against the extremely high energy prices, citizens should also be relieved by a one-time payment in December. © Jan Woitas/dpa

Gas deduction in December: Those who have saved so far will get less money

The relief procedure in the fight against the high gas prices was proposed by an expert commission. Chancellor Olaf Scholz welcomed the idea. It is a “very, very good basis”. Now it’s the government’s turn. A government spokesman said they wanted to quickly examine the Commission’s proposal and discuss implementation.

Many questions arose from gas customers, especially about the one-off payment. What will be the discount on the basis of which the special payment will be calculated? Who will receive the one-time payment – and how? provides an overview.

Gas deduction payment from the state: How high will the one-time payment be in December?

According to the Commission’s proposal, the state should take over the down payments from direct gas customers in December 2022. However, it is not about the costs for the actual gas consumption in the month in question. The ulterior motive: Consumers should not be given any incentive to consciously turn on the heating in winter in order to receive higher government aid.

The one-time payment from the state should relate to the September discount. The deductions paid, which are the same every month, are based on the previous year’s consumption. Accordingly, gas customers can check for themselves how high the one-off payment will be. The bank account or the portal of the gas supplier can be used to check how high the discount was in September 2022.

Gas price brake – the overview

  • One- time payment: In December, the state should pay the down payment (amount of the September down payment) for gas and district heating customers.
  • Price cap: From March 2023 to at least April 2024, a gross price of 12 cents per kilowatt hour should apply to 80 percent of gas consumption. In the case of district heating, there should be a gross price of 9.5 cents per kilowatt hour for 80 percent of consumption.
  • The basic quota of 80 percent is to be calculated from the down payment for September 2022.

So if you paid a low down payment in September, you will also receive a lower one-off payment than customers who had to pay a higher down payment in September. As a rule, the amount of the deduction and thus also the consumption is determined primarily by the number of household members and the size of the apartment. But the deduction is of course also lower if households live particularly energy-efficiently, i.e. heat less or take shorter showers.

According to calculations by the comparison portal Verivox, the average advance payment for a single-family house is currently around 342 euros. If the state took over an installment, the annual costs would drop from 4108 euros to 3766 euros, which corresponds to a relief of around 8 percent.

Gas advance payment in December: Who will receive the one-off payment

According to the Commission’s plan, private households and small companies should receive the gas payment from the state. And that affects both direct customers of gas providers and tenants who pay for their gas consumption via the utility bill.

In the case of direct customers, the state will take over the deductions, the suppliers should be reimbursed the money. In the case of centrally heated apartment buildings, the credit should be passed on from the landlord to the tenants as part of the utility bills. In some cases, discounts for tenants have not yet increased, but the landlord is already experiencing higher gas prices. The payment should address “liquidity problems” of landlords.

For pensioners there will be additional money in December – the energy flat rate from the relief package.

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