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Geissen's post Christmas photo: fans only have eyes for one detail – and draw an evil comparison

It was supposed to be a happy Christmas message from the Geissens, but fans are bothered by a certain detail in Carmen Geiss’ Instagram post.

Valberg / Monaco – Like so many others, the Geissens have been busy preparing for Christmas over the past few days and weeks. Carmen Geiss, in particular, kept her fans informed on Instagram about what’s coming up. Among other things, she has therefore posted a picture of herself and her husband Robert, with whom she wishes a Merry Christmas. But the users are bothered by a very specific detail.

The Geissens: Carmen and Robert post Christmas photo – fans draw an evil comparison

It is not clear whether the Geissens are at their main residence in Monaco, in their Valberg holiday home or in Germany at Christmas *. However, Carmen posted a picture of a richly decorated Christmas tree in the days before Christmas Eve, underneath she raved about the ski area in the French Alps. The family should be in Valberg for the festival after all.

However, the picture of December 21st could have been taken a little earlier and thus still in Monaco. After all, the couple’s rather light clothing – in the perfect Geissens style, of course – suggests something more southern climes. Carmen and Robert are apparently standing on a terrace, a little green grass flashes out in the corner. In addition, both carry a small microphone, so they should shoot new episodes of their reality TV format *.

Carmen Geiss posts Christmas photo: fans only have eyes for one detail

Wherever the Geissens took the picture, whether in Monaco or Valberg, the TV couple beamed into the camera as always. Carmen writes: “The countdown is on, only 3 days left, then the Christ Child will come. We wish you Merry Christmas! ”But the fans are less interested in the reflective message than in that broad, radiant smile from the two of them.

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The Geissens: Christmas Post provides an evil comparison – “Terrible”

While one user also wishes the Geissens a Merry Christmas, the others consider the smile of the two to be no longer necessarily realistic. “Oh, do you have new teeth?” Asks one user. Someone else is quite sure of that and adds a shocked emoji to their statement. Underneath, the fans commented “Terrible!” And “Yes, you can see immediately that they are artificial and that doesn’t look good.”

Others, above all, take Robert Geiss off the beaten track. One user, for example, is sure that the 57-year-old has new teeth and writes: “And all 48 on top.” Another user draws a nasty comparison and asks himself whether this is not “Stefan Raab’s discarded chewing bar”.

But die-hard Geissens fans are not deterred by that either. “There is nothing artificial” and “You always look better”, they write under the post. Of course, Robert and Carmen Geiss themselves do not solve the riddle of their teeth. But they’re not the only ones getting attention on Instagram around Christmas. Andrea Berg is also presenting her Christmas project * on the platform. (mef) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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Geissen's post Christmas photo: fans only have eyes for one detail – and draw...

It was supposed to be a happy Christmas message from the Geissens, but fans are bothered by a certain detail in Carmen Geiss' Instagram post.