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Christmas miracle à la "Jungle Book": Baby is saved by animals

Something like that can only really be found in books and films: A human child was rescued by animals in an Indian province. Baby dogs kept it warm overnight.

Munich / Mungeli (India) – A jungle book Christmas miracle! As in the classic Disney movie from 1967 and the original 1894 literature by Rudyard Kipling, a newborn was rescued by animals. Both the fictional and the real story took place in India. The real “Mowgli” from Mungeli in the province of Chhattisgarh, a little girl, owes his life to stray dogs.

As the British portal reports with reference to the Indian journalist Sanjay Thakur, a naked newborn was discovered in a field early on the morning of 21 December – it even still had the umbilical cord. It would not have survived the cold December night if it had not kept a litter of puppies warm. The baby dogs were snuggled close to the little girl. Then in the morning the child would get hungry and scream with all their might, and other people would eventually notice the baby.

Christmas miracle in India: “Mowgli” gets the name Akaksha

The newborn was very lucky that the mother dog did not regard it as a meal, but rather put it with her litter. A resident said in an interview with local media about those who abandoned the child: “These are not parents, these are criminals.”

But the little one survived: Doctors examined the child in the morning, it was healthy and was given to the “Child Line Project”. The child was given the name Akaksha – translated it means “The Desired One”. (cg)

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