NewsGenital mutilation endangers 20,000 girls in Germany

Genital mutilation endangers 20,000 girls in Germany

It’s a cruel tradition in some countries – girls are circumcised on the genitals. An aid organization warns that there are also problems in Germany.

Hamburg – With global migration, the cruel tradition of genital mutilation of girls and women is increasingly spreading in Europe. It is estimated that there are around 75,000 people affected in Germany, and almost 20,000 girls are considered at risk.

To help them, the children’s charity Plan has now published a handbook on female genital mutilation. “Female genital cutting is a massive violation of human rights,” said plan spokeswoman Kathrin Hartkopf. “The affected girls and women must not be left alone. In order to reach them, they need to know that we have advice and help here in Germany.”

Very few people know that there are contact points for them. “Education is absolutely necessary here,” said speaker Edell Otieno-Okoth. The easy-to-understand and handy reference work illustrates all aspects of female genital mutilation and provides information about offers of help. Since 2003, Plan International has been campaigning against female genital mutilation in several African countries, including Egypt, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Mali and Sierra Leone. The children’s rights organization helps set up counseling centers and provides alternative sources of income for former circumcisers. dpa

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