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German backpacker missing in Spain: relatives waited in vain at the airport – new details

Created: 08/17/2022 09:36 am

Ein junger Mann steht lächelnd vor einem Gebäude
Oliver Heise is currently missing. He was backpacking in Spain. © Screenshot /

For almost two weeks there has been no trace of a young backpacker from Germany. Oliver Heise wanted to travel to Tenerife, but there is no trace of him.

Update from August 17, 2022: There is still no trace of Oliver Heise from Germany, the backpacker disappeared on vacation in Gran Canaria. Relatives are desperately looking for the 23-year-old on Instagram. In an update, a relative of the young man now explains that the missing person did not take the return flight that had already been booked. “We were at Hanover Airport. Oliver did not take the planned flight and is still missing!” The police in Germany are now also investigating the missing person case (see original report below).

German backpacker missing in Spain: Relatives are desperately looking for Oliver – police with the first details

Original message: Gran Canaria – It was supposed to be a carefree vacation in Spain, but a backpacker from Germany has been missing for days. Relatives are looking for Oliver Heise via Instagram, and the police in Germany are now looking for the young man. The young man has been missing for almost two weeks.

German backpacker missing in Spain: Relatives are desperately looking for Oliver

A relative of the backpacker publishes the search call at regular intervals via Instagram. Accordingly, Oliver Heise is 1.75 meters tall, has dark blond hair, a slightly dark red beard and weighs around 75 kilograms. The backpacker flew to Gran Canaria on August 3rd. The young man is said to have slept there in a cave.

As can be seen from the search, Oliver Heise is said to have planned to travel to Tenerife and La Gomera. As a relative explains in an Instagram comment under the search call, it is also known that the missing person took the ferry to Tenerife. But just one day after his trip to Gran Canaria, contact with the young man was lost. “Normally he reports daily or is used to backpacking”.

Eine Instagram-Story, in der ein Angehöriger einen Suchaufruf zu einem vermissten jungen Mann veröffentlicht
A relative of the missing person published this search call in his Instagram story. © Screenshot /

Relatives are also looking for the young man with English and Spanish searches, and a video recorded in Spanish is intended to help in the search for Oliver Heise. As a relative of the missing person explains in an Instagram comment under the search call, the missing persons report has also been filed with the local police. In the event of an ID check, the relatives should therefore be informed.

Police in Germany are also looking for missing backpacker Oliver Heise

The police in Germany are now also looking for the missing backpacker. In a statement, the Stolzenau police said that the missing 23-year-old from the Diepholz district was reported missing by his mother to the police in Germany on Monday, August 8, 2022. As the police further explain, in addition to the loss of contact, it is also unusual that the usual posts from his trips are not posted on social media. The 23-year-old is said to be a very experienced backpacker.

“We are asking anyone who can provide information on the whereabouts of the missing person to contact us. Although we currently have no indications of an accident or a crime, we take the concerns of the relatives very seriously,” emphasizes Andrea Kempin, spokeswoman for the Nienburg/Schaumburg police. “The Spanish authorities have been informed of the status of our investigation. We are also conducting further investigations in the vicinity of the missing person and immediately sharing relevant information with the Spanish authorities.”

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