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Ghislaine Maxwell: Eight more names in the Epstein case are to be made public

Epstein accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell is changing her strategy. She is in favor of disclosing some names in the abuse scandal. Prince Andrew should tremble.

NEW YORK – Ghislaine Maxwell, the longtime confidant of US sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, was found guilty by a New York court late last year. She still has to wait for her sentence, but the guilty verdict has apparently changed the 60-year-old’s strategy.

The daughter of the late British media mogul Robert Maxwell, who was arrested in July 2020 in a mansion in the state of New Hampshire and has been in custody since then, remained silent throughout the process. She didn’t want to burden herself or anyone else with her own statements.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s strategy could reportedly change as she was found guilty on five of the six counts by the 12 jury at the trial. She faces a decade in prison — which would mean never getting out of prison alive. Apparently, this circumstance could persuade them to cooperate with the authorities. The alleged motive: a reduction in her sentence.

Epstein case: Ghislaine Maxwell pleads for disclosure of names

In 2016, Maxwell provided eight names of those involved in the Epstein case. However, she fought with all her might to ensure that they would not be published under any circumstances. In court documents, the persons are therefore only mentioned anonymously. So far, the court has simply called the parties involved “non-parties 17, 53, 54, 55, 56, 73, 93 and 151”.

A letter from Maxwell’s attorney to Judge Loretta Preska, seen by CNN, said: “After careful consideration of the detailed objections submitted by the (unknown parties), Ghislaine Maxwell’s attorney advises the court, that my client does not wish to address these objections any further.”

After all, any person whose name has not been published would have a lawyer and be able to defend themselves. “Ms. Maxwell therefore leaves it to this court to conduct the appropriate examination,” writes the lawyer in the letter. The 60-year-old is giving up her previous tactics and is no longer fighting to keep the names hidden.

Epstein abuse scandal: Attribution for anonymous people ‘annoying and embarrassing’

The objections of the strangers, why they want to remain anonymous, are similar. According to the British Daily Mail, the unknown person number 17 wants to keep her identity secret because she believes that the mention of her name would be “annoying and embarrassing” for her. Another anonymous person, number 151 in this case, is said to claim to want to “live a private life”. Disclosing her identity would immediately result in her being “hounded” by the media.

However, Maxwell’s attorney now writes in her letter to the court: “A general aversion to the embarrassment and negativity that might arise from the association with Epstein and Maxwell is not sufficient to justify the further sealing of information.” This is particularly true , because the Epstein case is of great public interest, which involves serious allegations of child sex trafficking.

Ghislaine Maxwell trial: What relationship did Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein have?

Observers of the process assume that Prince Andrew from Great Britain is among the previously unnamed people. There is also a case in New York against the second son of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, which revolves around the Epstein case. Andrew met billionaire Jeffry Epstein through Ghislaine Maxwell and visited him several times at his estate.

Plaintiff Virginia Giuffre alleges in the civil suit that Andrew sexually abused her multiple times when she was just 17 years old. Andrew denies all allegations against him. He can’t remember ever meeting Giuffre. However, a photo is circulating showing the Duke of York putting his arm around the waist of the underage Giuffre.

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Prinz Andrew

Virginia Giuffre is demanding undisclosed compensation from the British royal. Her legal team also advocated disclosure of names in the Maxwell trial. If the identities and documents are released, they could shed new light on Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein’s relationship.

Guilty in Epstein case: Ghislaine Maxwell a ‘sophisticated sex offender’

Ghislaine Maxwell has long been Epstein’s main accomplice in his sex crimes, according to the New York court. Their methods are said to have been extremely perfidious. According to the indictment, she initially made friends with the girls, some of whom were only 14 years old, and later handed them over to Epstein. She is said to have gone to the cinema or shopping with some of them, for example.

The now 60-year-old is a “sophisticated sex offender who knew exactly what she was doing,” prosecutor Alison Moe said in her closing argument. “Epstein liked underage girls, he liked touching underage girls. Maxwell knew that.” She was an essential building block in the abuse complex – according to Moe, Maxwell acted as “the key” in the Epstein system. (tvd)

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