NewsGNTM 2022: Six candidates from NRW there

GNTM 2022: Six candidates from NRW there

“Germany's Next Topmodel” (GNTM) goes into its 17th season on February 3rd. Then six women from North Rhine-Westphalia will also fight for the great modeling dream with Heidi Klum.

Cologne – The new, 17th season of “Germany's Next Topmodel” (GNTM) is in the starting blocks, from 31 candidates, chief juror Heidi Klum will ultimately choose a woman who will take home the coveted title and prize money may. The model casting show will again focus fully on diversity in 2022, this time including a 68-year-old participant. As well as six women from NRW * who want to assert themselves in the show by supermodel Heidi Klum.
24RHEIN * introduces the six GNTM candidates from North Rhine-Westphalia.

Among other things, the state capital Düsseldorf * is represented by one candidate, two more come from the Ruhr area (Schwerte) and one like Heidi Klum, who was also born in Bergisch Gladbach (Rheinisch-Bergischer Kreis *). However, you will look in vain for a woman from Cologne * in the field of participants. (mo) * 24RHEIN is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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