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Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds and Co.: These are the most expensive dog breeds

Created: 8/8/2022 12:39 p.m

They are man’s most loyal companions: dogs are among the most popular pets in Germany. But depending on the breed, a dog’s life can be quite expensive. These are the most expensive fur noses.

Golden Retriever liegt auf einer Wiese und kaut auf einem Spielzeug herum
1 / 10 Golden Retrievers are not only popular, but also very expensive with a living cost of 15,102 euros. © IMAGO/YAY Images
Deutscher Schäferhund liegt auf einer Wiese
2 / 10 German shepherds take second place with 12,403 euros. © IMAGO/YAY Images
Beagle liegt auf einem Sofa
3 / 10 Cute but expensive: Beagles cost 12,351 euros. © IMAGO/imagebroker
Border Collie liegt auf dem Boden
4 / 10 11,876 euros: Border collies are not only time-consuming. © IMAGO/YAY Images
Rottweiler Hund rennt einen Strand entlang
5 / 10 10,507 euros are due for a Rottweiler. © IMAGO/cynoclub
Jack Russell Terrier rennt einen Strand entlang
6 / 10 Jack Russel Terriers cost 10,271 euros. © ANATOLI STYF/imago images
Pudel im Hundesalon auf einem Tisch
7 / 10 Expensive grooming: a poodle costs 10,148 euros. © imago images
Drei Chihuahuas sitzen auf einer Wiese
8 / 10 With a cost of 9,841 euros, Chihuahuas are cheap. © IMAGO/cynoclub
9 / 10 owners of dachshunds have to pay 9,835 euros. © IMAGO/D. maehrmann
Bulldogge auf einem Skateboard
10/10 bulldogs are affordable at 7,246 euros. © Yuri Smityuk/imago images

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