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Good hand, bad hand

When notebooks delight and precautionary spots fail

An eight-year-old has won people’s hearts with a real handiwork – far beyond his hometown of Boise in the US state of Idaho. As the “New York Times” reports, Dillon Helbig has taken various pens over the years and written them down in a notebook “The Adventures of Dillon Helbig’s Christmas”. Apparently he liked the 81-page story (he’s the hero who travels through time, by the way!) so much that he put the book on the shelf at the Boise City Library for others to read. He later had doubts that this was really okay – but when Dillon’s mother, Susan , went to the library to get the book, it was already checked out. Dillon will have to be patient before he gets his debut back: there are now 56 names on the waiting list for the book, which has now been added to the library’s catalogue. Even though he’s already booked for writing workshops for his peers and several publishers would like to publish his book: Dillon stays cool. He will stop writing at the age of 40 – “then I will develop games”. Well then, keep up the good work, Dillon!

Speaking of lucky hands! Do you know how many men regularly go for testicular cancer screening? Or how to properly feel their testicles to find out if there’s anything attached that doesn’t belong there? No? – You see, the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) has found a real gap in knowledge. To close this, however, TK resorted to a stylistic device that resulted in quite a few banging their hands over their heads after seeing the campaign video. A lady named Anny Aurora was hired for the educational film, which shouldn’t seem too boring. She explains to her new neighbor how to feel his testicles to detect tumors. Several who saw the spot called it “sexist and not funny”. Which could also have something to do with the fact that Aurora works as a porn actress and not only talks about scanning in the little film, but lends a hand herself – behind large pixels, of course! But, we know that from the internet: Whoever shot the spot doesn’t have to worry about the ridicule. And outrage is guaranteed! TK was undeterred: an “unusual approach” was deliberately chosen for the spot entitled “The live-saving handjob”. Whether a “pornographic environment” is so unusual is an open question in view of the search queries on the Internet – one thing is certain: the slogan “Sex sells” actually serves a good purpose here. boris halva

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