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Good times and bad

Created: 10/14/2022 4:59 p.m

Of culinary highlights and hard-to-digest things

Finally! After weeks of few events, the celebrities of this world are once again producing headlines that are rich in cover stories. For better or worse: We were able to hear good things about Florian Silbereisen (41), who not only seduced the German television nation to the next hit festival with star guest Helene Fischer (38), but also an escape from reality for everyone who wanted to boycott the World Cup in Qatar by “dream ship” to beautiful Lapland. Pure ideal world – if it weren’t for pop titan Dieter Bohlen (68), who, given the impending winter, may have bathed a little too hot and then caused a stir in the ranks of politics (only the AfD applauded). Quote: “If they hadn’t imposed these sanctions, for example, and people had sat down at a table sensibly, yes, then people wouldn’t need to do all this nonsense.” (…) “Now we have to freeze.”

Unfortunately, all this frippery drama swallowed the attention for many other delicacies. Bill Kaulitz (33), the Tokyo hotel “rock star” (as he calls himself) also cultivates his love for “German food” in his adopted home of the USA. So schnitzel and farmer’s breakfast and everything that comes with potatoes. And white sausage and black bread,” he enthuses to the German Press Agency. In the case of the animal protection organization Peta , these sentences should be difficult for some people: Peta Kaulitz was once proclaimed the hottest German vegetarian.

And another culinary highlight for dessert: On the occasion of Good Chocolate Day on Friday, Oliver Peik from the Confectionery Club expressed concern about the future of the industry: “Many people are wondering whether they should spoil themselves with more expensive pralines or chocolates or give them away as gifts Or would you rather just go for the discounter product or the mass-produced chocolate.” A 27-year-old in Cologne had already answered this question for himself shortly before the theme day. With 25 packs of nut chocolates, he left the supermarket unnoticed, the police said. Why he then hid between two cars remains his secret. And not noticing the two civilian officers in one of the vehicles, well…

Meanwhile, the Backstreet Boys showed their best side. They release their first Christmas album and tour Europe. As a thank you for the countless bras that have flown onto the stages over the years, they now throw autographed underpants at their audience. However, singer Kevin Richardson (51) leaked that the underwear was not worn. Whether that’s good or bad, fans will probably see things very differently. Andrew Sieler

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