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Google designs an 'envelope' to reduce mobile addiction

Smartphones are incredibly useful tools, but they can also be very addictive, as many users tend to check the phone every time they receive a notification, to check how many “likes” a photo is on or simply because they need their emails too much. frequency.

For this reason, Google is developing new applications to help users learn to use their devices responsibly, but do they really help? Do you think sealing your phone inside a smart envelope would help you learn digital self-control? It is the intention of Google.


How does it work?

The most striking experiment is Google Envelope. What exactly does it do? Using real paper envelopes, the company wants users to insert their mobile to turn it into a phone that can only make or receive phone calls, essentially. The PDF recommends using glue to close it. Once the phone is sealed in the envelope, you can only dial phone numbers, use speed dial, or see the time on the keypad. Once the device is placed in the smart envelope, it is sealed through Android Police.

It is similar to the bags that some artists force their followers to use at concerts to deposit their phones, although, unlike these bags that are stored in storage, the Google envelope allows you, at least, to make calls if necessary.

When you want to “find yourself” with your smartphone, you only have to tear the seal and part of the envelope to remove it, which means that you will have to use a new envelope each time you want to use the application.

The initiative – developed by the London studio “Special Projects” – is part of Google’s platform called “digital well-being”, the ultimate goal of which is to help people “find a balance with technology.”


It is a good idea?

Digital detox is a good thing for everyone from time to time, but you have to wonder if the fact that a technology company that produces the devices that we are so hooked on is the right place to seek help?

The 3 Google applications for you to reduce the time you spend with your mobile:

Screen Stopwatch , which turns the background of an unlocked Android device into a timer that counts every time the screen is unlocked;
Activity Bubbles , which adds a small bubble to the bottom of the Android mobile every time the phone is unlocked. Each bubble will grow according to the duration of the session so that you are aware of how long you have been employed.
Envelope , which requires users to print a PDF that folds into an envelope to seal the smartphone and turn it into a basic device (like the old ones) that only allows calls, photos and videos.

Currently, the smart envelope is only compatible with the Google Pixel 3a phone but in the future they intend to make it available for other models. In addition, the source code of this application is freely available on Github , so anyone can use the code and design it to adapt it to other phone models.

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