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Google launches a tool to delete personal information from searches

Google makes it easier for its users to be able to delete private information that appears in searches . The “Results About You” tool will make it easy to remove sensitive information such as phone number, email address, home address, and other private data, which many don’t want to appear on the Google results page. Of course, the information can only be removed from the list of results, not if it has appeared on a specific web page, in which it will continue to be published.

The new tool has not yet reached everyone. Those lucky enough to have access to it will only have to open the app on Google Android and click on their avatar (upper right corner) to see a new menu item called “Results about you”, still in beta.

Once we are in “Results about you”, the tool itself will guide us through the steps we must follow and will show us the related search results. At that point we can request the elimination of those that we do not want to appear. We will make the requests that we deem appropriate and we will see what status they are in: “in progress”, “approved”, etc.

To eliminate a search result, you must indicate the reason . Among them is that the information displayed is personal, that the publication of that personal information is intended to harm, that it is illegal information or that it is outdated.

Google already responded to requests to remove personal information from searches, but the procedure was somewhat more tedious . What we had to do was go to the Google support page and report where the data that we wanted to be deleted appeared. To do this, you had to fill out a form requesting the deletion of the information and attach the link to the web page where said private data was displayed.

With the new tool, the request is made from the search page itself, through the three-dot icon, entering “About this result” and the “Delete result” option. In “Results about you” we will see at what point our requests are.

The launch follows the company’s announcement at I/O 2022 of a new tool that would speed up the removal of search results containing personally identifiable information and other data that shouldn’t be visible to everyone.

Again, let us remember that it is one thing for Google to deindex certain information from the search results and another for that information to completely disappear from the Internet. The information will continue to be published on the web page that it is , but it will not appear in the list of results when doing a Google search.

Although we must be especially careful with the information we enter in Internet forms, on many occasions the problem arises when third parties have neglected the processing of our data or have directly acted in bad faith. The result is that our personal information is visible to everyone and is even accessible after doing a simple Google search.

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