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WhatsApp Surveys or how WhatsApp wants to know your opinion

Would you like to give your opinion on WhatsApp? Propose improvements? Say what you like least about the app? You can do it right now and WhatsApp has developed WhatsApp Surveys, surveys that seek to receive feedback from users in order to improve the app.

The dynamic is as follows: you will receive a chat message from WhatsApp Surveys in which you are invited to participate in a survey. Before participating, the app will clearly inform you of the purpose of the questionnaire and if it convinces you, you can accept. If you decide not to do it, nothing happens , you can continue using the application normally. Also if you choose to block WhatsApp Surveys in case you no longer want to receive invitations.

As reported by WhatsApp in its help service, the answers obtained in the surveys will only be used for research purposes and to improve the user experience . They will be stored securely and only a limited number of employees will have access to them. Survey responses will be used and protected in accordance with the WhatsApp Privacy Policy.

It is important to make sure that the survey we are receiving actually comes from WhatsApp and is not a scam. To do this, make sure that it has the green checkmark and that it is sent by the phone number +16505361212 or +16508638904 . Otherwise, the app recommends reporting the fraud and blocking the sender.

WhatsApp is betting heavily on the survey format and for a few months it has been preparing a new function so that surveys can be carried out within groups. It will be easier to know where most people want to go to dinner, what gift to buy a friend for their birthday or what plan they want more on a Saturday night, go to the theater or go out to party. It is expected that we will be able to use them very soon.

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