NewsGoose helps an exhausted bitch with the puppy care

Goose helps an exhausted bitch with the puppy care

This goose’s mother instincts are seemingly pretty strong. When she meets a litter of puppies, she lovingly takes care of the newborns.

In the animal kingdom there are always unusual friendships between different species. Sometimes you see a German shepherd cuddling with a chimpanzee, another time a cat raises orphaned hedgehog babies *. And in this case, a goose develops motherhood when it sees a litter of puppies, * reports.

When six newborn pups move into the home of the white goose, the goose is visibly curious. From the beginning she tries to be close to the little ones and is never far away. Again and again she sticks her head into the cage where the baby dogs are lying with their mother, a Samoyed bitch. Her mother’s instincts seem to kick in immediately – does she feel like another parent to the little four-legged friend?

Together with the birth mother, the goose watches over the newborns. And when the Smoyed bitch needs a break from being a mom, the feathered animal takes its chance. The goose takes care of the puppies with love and care as if they were their own. She uses her body heat to keep the baby dogs warm. And one promptly sits down on the goose’s back. Stepmother Gans endures it with serenity.

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