NewsGovernment Family Vacation Supplement: How the Offer Works

Government Family Vacation Supplement: How the Offer Works

Created: 07/25/2022 Updated: 07/25/2022, 4:15 p.m

Due to the corona pandemic, various aid programs have been developed. This also includes state-funded vacations for some families.

Frankfurt – In the past two years, families in Germany have received financial support from the state. For example, there was a bonus payment for each child several times to relieve families during the corona pandemic.

The state continues to offer support with the title “Corona break for families – make family vacation times easier”. However, not all families can take advantage of this offer.

  • Your way to a family holiday:
  • 1. Do the online check to see if you are eligible.
  • 2. Contact the accommodation where you would like to spend your family vacation time.
  • 3. If the accommodation can offer you a place, you will receive the Corona time-out form from there.
  • 4. Fill out the Corona time-out form and send it back to the accommodation.
  • 5. Book the family vacation time.

The program is designed to help low-income families or dependents with disabilities. Under the motto “Get out. Breathe. Refuel.” is intended to enable them to take a cheap holiday. If a family meets the requirements, the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ) assumes almost 90 percent of all costs. You can fill out a questionnaire on the Ministry’s website to check whether your family meets the requirements. This data is requested, among other things:

Number of people
primary residence
children in the household
Family member with a disability of at least 50
Any social benefits received
asset status
gross household income

Corona pandemic: Requirements for a holiday that the state pays for

Across Germany, 90 different institutions are currently taking part in the Family Ministry’s program, but more are to be added. These include some near the North Sea and Baltic Sea, for example in Flensburg or on Fehmarn. Other accommodations are located, for example, at Lake Constance.

Manche Familien in Deutschland haben Anspruch auf einen Urlaub, den der Staat überwiegend finanziert.
Some families in Germany are entitled to vacation, which is largely financed by the state. (Iconic photo) © Mohssen Assanimoghaddam/dpa

If you are entitled to state-funded leave, you can choose suitable accommodation. They are all “specially geared to the needs of families and offer educationally supported activities,” says the website. The stay can last up to seven nights and the offer is valid until the end of 2022.

However, not all families who meet the conditions for the inexpensive holiday automatically get a place in the program – there is no legal entitlement. “We ask for your understanding that the accommodations are now almost fully booked during the holiday periods. Outside of the holiday periods, there are still places available in some accommodations,” writes the BMFSFJ. So if you still want to get a seat, you have to be quick. (Fee Halberstadt)

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