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GPS in a teddy bear: woman is robbed and clears up the case herself

Created: 09/16/2022, 4:49 p.m

In Mainz, a woman loses her mailbox key and no longer receives parcels. She investigates the matter and convicts her neighbor.

Mainz – As in the film: A young woman from Mainz has convicted her own neighbor of being a thief with a lot of ingenuity. That’s what the police report. The 27-year-old lost her bunch of keys in July. The key to the mailbox in her apartment in Mainz was also attached to it – and since then she has not received any mail or parcels.

In the weeks that followed, every time she checked to see if her orders had arrived, her mailbox was empty. The woman from Mainz concluded that someone had found her bunch of keys and was now regularly stealing mail and packages from her mailbox.

Eine Mainzerin hat einen GPS-Tracker in einem Teddybären versteckt und so ihren Nachbarn überführt.
A woman from Mainz hid a GPS tracker in a teddy bear and thus convicted her neighbors. © Police/dpa

Mainz: woman hides GPS in teddy – neighbor steals packages from mailbox for weeks

Earlier this week it was enough for the 27-year-old. She ordered a teddy bear online and had the parcel delivered to her in person. Now she opened a seam on the cuddly toy, put a GPS tracker in it and sewed it up again. Then she put the package and teddy in her mailbox and waited. It took two days, and on Thursday (September 15) the package was actually gone.

The perpetrator caught the bait and the young woman immediately located the teddy bear. The GPS signal indicated that the package must be in an apartment in the neighborhood. She then called the police. When the officers went to the apartment in question with the woman, she sent a beep to the GPS tracker in the teddy bear. The police followed the beeping and found the package, including the cuddly toy, in a storage room. An investigation has been initiated against the neighbors – and the woman, who was robbed for weeks, has her key back. (csa)

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