NewsGreat mourning for the Oktoberfest legend: "His death comes...

Great mourning for the Oktoberfest legend: "His death comes as a surprise to us"

Surprisingly, a familiar face from the Oktoberfest died at the age of 72. His work is recognized in a contribution.

Munich – It is not yet clear whether the Oktoberfest can even take place in 2022. At the time of the corona pandemic, historical innovations are already being discussed: Will the Oktoberfest even be brought forward? It is already certain that a familiar face will not be included in the next edition. Father Paul Schäfersküpper died at the age of 72.

Oktoberfest in future without Father Paul: “Death came as a surprise”

The “Dominican Province of St. Albert ”informed on December 31:“ This afternoon our brother was found dead. ”Although Schäfersküpper was ill, his death“ came as a surprise ”. Exact details of the cause of death were not given.

For more than 20 years, the deceased had made a name for himself as the priest of the showmen, in 2017, for example, he blessed the museum tent at the Oide Wiesn. Schäfersküpper was often out and about in traditional costume on the Theresienwiese, baptizing children or simply listening to the concerns of the visitors. For the Archdiocese of Munich-Freising, Father Paul was responsible for the region around Munich and Augsburg.

“In his affectionate manner, he brought the good news to many people”

“The showman parish is very personal,” Schäfersküpper once told the dpa . “I give people their image of the Church in a positive as well as a negative way.”

In a Facebook post from the Dominican Province, the work of the deceased is once again expressly acknowledged: “In his affectionate manner, Father Paul brought the good news to many people and also radiated the joy of faith.” Schäfersküpper is now to be buried on January 8th in Borbeck will. The Wiesn priest had last lived in the Essen district. He is to be buried in the priestly crypt of the parish cemetery.

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