NewsGreen starred chef from Málaga with fish from their...

Green starred chef from Málaga with fish from their own farm

Málaga’s top chef, Diego Gallegos, with a green Michelin star, prepares sustainable menus and farms his own fish using a forward-thinking process.

Fuengirola – Málaga’s top chef Diego Gallegos has two Michelin stars, one of which is green and stands for sustainability. Together with twelve star chefs from all over Spain, Diego Gallegos shows how menus are prepared without leaving an ecological footprint, reports*.

The special thing about Gallegos Restaurant Sollo in Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol*: The chef breeds his own fish, including snappy piranhas, using a promising process that doesn’t waste a drop of water. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

Chip shortage gives automakers a reality check

Cars are increasingly 'computers on wheels', but no automaker realized how critical it would be if one day chips were in short supply.

The implications of AMLO's reform go beyond the electricity market

Although it is considered as a reform for the electricity sector, the document contemplates changes in the oil sector that are not being contemplated in the discussion.

Nursing training for refugees: the hospital spends a lot of money on a failed...

The Robert Bosch Hospital in Stuttgart started special nursing training for refugees. But the project fails: Almost everyone fails the final exam.

Tonga Tsunami: Volcanic eruption now threatens famine

The Pacific islands around the main island of Tonga are cut off from the outside world. New Zealand's and Australia's aid supplies will be on site in three days at the earliest.

Child abuse – 100 victims report on the Internet portal

People who are now adults report on what was done to them in childhood or adolescence. The Independent Commission for the Study of Child Sexual Abuse has created a portal.