FunAstrology„Guidos Wedding Race“ bei Vox

„Guidos Wedding Race“ bei Vox

An old game: when football hits dominate the TV program, the other broadcasters mainly fight for women on the remote control. Those who are attracted by neither ZDF melodrama nor sex films often end up with Guido.

Berlin – football makes it possible: Guido Maria Kretschmer can try out a new show this weekend without being bothered by the Sunday crime thriller. The final of the UEFA Nations League is taking place on the slot for “Tatort” and “Polizeiruf 110” in the first. If you follow the statistics, the other broadcasters are now mainly vying for a female audience at prime time.

The program planners are convinced that the wedding show “Guidos Wedding Race” has a good chance of doing this. Kretschmer’s house broadcaster Vox shows it at 8:15 pm – in competition with the ZDF family melodrama “Ella Schön” and the US erotic film “Fifty Shades of Gray”, which is often denigrated as a housewife’s fantasy.

That’s what “Guidos Wedding Race” is all about: Celebrate a dream wedding and get married by the crowd’s favorite, Guido Maria Kretschmer? For two out of six couples, this dream can come true. In several stages, each with a task, the fiancées have to prove how good they are as a couple. The hurdles to be overcome, the creators have come up with based on the couple’s personal story.

It all starts with getting to know the couple and their friends and families. The entertainer surprises them all at home. Kretschmer accompanies every bride and groom on their journey because, according to Vox, he is there as a “navigation device” in the form of video messages.

The tasks for the newlyweds are strongly tailored to them. During the trip they have to play stanzas of a love poem written by Guido and recite it by heart as the last task. Which couple keeps their nerve and recites the poem correctly and fastest, wins the dream wedding.

And it starts with these candidates this Sunday: Under the motto “To love! Complete! Go! ”Programmer Maria (30) and teacher Stephan (37) from Gossau St. Gallen (Switzerland), parents of four Nathalie (29) and Ramon (30) from Calw (Baden-Württemberg) and soldier Kim (25) fight and recruiter Lorena (28) from Waldfeucht near Aachen in the first episode on a special kind of road trip about her dream of a wedding.

“Where the dream wedding will take place, the lovers’ outfits will be given the finishing touches by the star designer himself,” promises Vox to the winners. The bride and groom receive wedding rings specially designed by Guido Maria Kretschmer. But that’s not all: “He will also hold the wedding speech, and after the wedding the bride and groom may celebrate the wedding and the victory appropriately.” Dpa

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