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"Had to do therapy": Daniela Katzenberger is very afraid of becoming poor

Created: 10/12/2022 11:37 am

Daniela Katzenberger is successful today, but that wasn’t always the case. In the past, the family had to make do with little money and could not pay the bills. This characterizes the cult blonde to this day.

Mallorca – Daniela Katzenberger (36) is now a successful influencer and has been an institution on television for many years. She emigrated to Mallorca and lives on the island with her husband Lucas Cordalis and daughter Sophia. Costa Cordalis’ son is also doing well on television and with his pop music. Nevertheless, the cat is plagued by fears of suddenly being without means – a primal fear from her childhood.

Daniela Katzenberger’s family grew up in poverty – inflation triggers old fears

When Daniela Katzenberger was little, she didn’t grow up in wealthy circumstances at all. Mama Iris Klein was a single parent with three children in social housing, and there was often not enough money to pay all the bills. “We just didn’t have much money. I grew up with the feeling of constant lack,” Katzenberger told Bild am Sonntag. They “often didn’t even have enough money for the next electricity bill. Then it was suddenly dark in the booth,” it continues.

Fotocollage: Daniela Katzenberger im Supermarkt und in ihrer Instagramstory.
Daniela Katzenberger is plagued by the fear of not having enough money left. (Iconic image) © Screenshots Instagram/danielakatzenberger

When that happened, Iris Klein still tried to make sure that her children didn’t notice her plight as much as possible – but they knew it for a long time. “My mum then made us somehow cozy with her Penny tea lights,” says Daniela Katzenberger. But: “Children have very special antennae for moods. I often heard my mom cry secretly in the kitchen at night when money was tight again. It was tough and has left scars on me to this day.”

“Had to do therapy”: Daniela Katzenberger drives fear of poverty

The current inflation is now reviving old memories in the 36-year-old and fueling her fears: “Since my childhood I have had an unbelievable panic about being poor. In the current situation with rising electricity and food prices, all of this comes up in my head twice and three times over.”

Poverty in the German population

According to a press release from of August 4, 2022, around 13 million people in Germany were at risk of poverty in 2021. This corresponds to 15.8% of the population of Germany.

The whole thing is so bad that Daniela Katzenberger is considering getting treatment for it: “This fear is deep inside me, it dates back to my childhood. I really should do therapy for that!” It even goes so far that the TV personality admits: “My fear of becoming poor was always what drove me. I’ve always said: I have to earn enough money to feed my whole family. I don’t want my mother to ever worry about not being able to pay her electric bills again.”

The cult blonde just celebrated her 36th birthday. Typical for Daniela Katzenberger, it was pink. Sources used:,,

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