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Hairstyle trend: how to get the right fringe

Created: 09/06/2022, 04:48 am

Goes well with triangular face shapes: fuller fringe hairstyles that reach over the entire forehead. © Mario Nägler/by

If you fancy a new look, a pony hairstyle is often a good idea. Because the hairstyle is versatile – and can put your own face shape in the best light. These are the trends.

Düsseldorf/Worms – Should it be a casual look, with the hair falling loosely on the forehead – or would you prefer the short, straight cut? There are hardly any limits to creativity when it comes to pony hairstyles.

Two master hairdressers give tips on which cut best suits which face shape – and what is particularly popular with bangs this year.

Back to the 70s with bottleneck bangs

That’s the thing about trends. They are no longer dictated by fashion designers as much as they used to be, says Jens Dagné, master hairdresser from Worms. Instead of just on the catwalk, they also appear on the street or on social media. Different groups react to this at different times. So a trend like this can last for a very long time, “until it’s over,” says Dagné.

According to the master hairdresser, one of the pony trends of the year should be a hairstyle that put Brigitte Bardot in the spotlight in 1979, the bottleneck bangs.

As the name “bottleneck bangs” suggests, the bottle-shaped bangs – and without a transition to the long side hair – go as far as the outer cheekbones. The cut is the further development of the curtain bangs, explains Jens Dagné. In contrast to the bottleneck bangs, the parted “curtain bangs”, which were the trend last year, gradually merge into the long hair on the sides.

Use trends as inspiration

Bottleneck bangs are transformable, flexible, and suit almost any face shape, says Dagné. Even after weeks, the cut still looks good and slowly takes on the look of curtain bangs as it grows out.

In order for the typical, natural-looking “undone styling” of bottleneck bangs to succeed, the master hairdresser recommends using styling products to bring the necessary lightness and volume to the bangs.

René Krombholz, who has been working as a hairdresser for over 50 years, advises that trend hairstyles should only be seen as suggestions. It is much more important which cut you like and which suits your face shape.

Round face: fringed and heavily layered

For a rather round, flat face, it may not necessarily have to be full bangs or the typical voluminous “Mireille Mathieu” bangs. Instead, a relaxed fringe variation often looks good here. “Frayed, heavily layered, side bangs make the face appear narrower,” says the industry expert from the Intercoiffure Mondial hairdressers’ association.

The matching fringe hairstyle makes longer face shapes appear softer and rounder. © Petra Hützen/Intercoiffure Germany NRW/Jens Dagné/dpa-tmn

A strict center parting, backcombed hair, fluffed up curls or volume in the cheek area, on the other hand, make a round face appear even rounder and larger.

Oval face: Volume and fullness at the top of the head

Trendy bottleneck bangs or curtain bangs go perfectly with an oval face, says master hairdresser Jens Dagné. Here, volume and fullness are particularly popular on the top of the head, so that the face is given expression and character.

However, the neck area should not be too short to create a visual counterweight, recommends Dagné. Fluffy styled natural or permed waves can round off the look harmoniously.

Also a styling that brings out the best in oval faces: the asymmetrical hairstyle. Dagné advises a medium-length haircut, at most to shoulder length.

With a long face, you can also make the face shape appear a little softer and rounder with a fringe, says Rene Krombholz. It is always important to look at the entire cut and also work with the side hair that frames the face.

Angular face: loosen up and create softness

A rather angular face can be loosened up with softly styled hair, says hairdresser Jens Dagné. The bangs should then be asymmetrical. He rather advises against rigid and geometric hairstyles. Even “straight hair” would emphasize the width of the face.

Pony hairstyles can put your own face shape in the best light. How to choose the right cut for your face. © dpa-infographic GmbH/dpa-tmn

Fine highlights or multicolor effects can further loosen up the hairstyle and are preferable to full coloring.

“Just the right fringe can give a distinctive face something soft,” says Jens Dagné. Longer and very graduated bangs up to the chin are particularly suitable for this.

With a triangular face, a broad forehead can be concealed with fuller bangs. Soft waves and fringed styles also play around a pointed chin.

The right cut for every hair structure

A pony always works. At least there is no hair structure that Rene Krombholz would advise against bangs per se. Even if the hair frizzes when it is wet, for example, the structure can be calmed down with anti-frizz products.

Whether straight or curly: A fringe works with every hair structure. However, the cut should take into account whorls and the direction of hair growth. © Petra Hützen, Cologne/Jens Dagné/dpa-tmn

Particular caution is only required with grey, white or heavily stressed hair. Because: “These hairs are often a bit more stubborn,” says Krombholz.

In any case, taking into account the nature of the hair makes styling easier. Jens Dagné advises that you should take a close look at the curls on the fringe and the direction in which the hair grows when it is dry. And with curls, it makes sense to choose a “curly pony” that connects softly with the rest of the hair. At least if you don’t want to keep straightening your hair. dpa

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