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"Happy in the spotlight": Prince Louis masters his first day of school with flying colours

Created: 09/10/2022 11:31 am

Already at the throne jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II he had his big appearance at her side on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. Now the youngest offspring of Kate Middleton and Prince William is also in school. But immediately after the start, the children received the news of their great-grandmother’s death.

Berkshire – Prince Louis (4) showed no signs of nervousness when he walked with mom Kate Middleton (40) on the right and dad Prince William (40) on the left, as well as his siblings Princess Charlotte (7) and Prince George (9). decided to go to school for the first time. The trio takes part in an “accommodation afternoon” to welcome the new students and their families to the new educational facility one day before the start of the school year.

Premiere: For the first time, the three siblings go to the same school

“Welcome to Lambrook,” Headmaster Jonathan Perry greeted the three newcomers. “It’s nice to have you with us. We are very excited about the coming year.” He shook hands with each of them in turn and asked, “Are you excited?” After a three-voiced “Yes,” Prince William revealed his “gang” had many questions. A source also told the Daily Mail that the Cambridge kids were particularly excited because this was their first time going to school together.

William und Kate ziehen mit ihrer Familie nach Windsor, wo ihre drei Kinder erstmalig zusammen nach Lambrook in die Schule gehen werden.
The new school “Lambrook”, which Kate and William chose for their children well before they moved to Windsor. © picture alliance/dpa/Kensington Palace /PA Media | Lambrook School

The family delivered a picture-perfect scenario when Prince William then escorted his family up the steps of the grand white 19th-century country house. Kate Middleton looked elegant in a brown polka dot Rixo dress, hair down, smile on her face. The move seems to get the five. The Duke and Duchess just started their new life in the country a few weeks ago, far from the focal point of their official London residence at Kensington Palace.

Official start of school: Thursday 8 September 2022

After the 90-minute familiarization round, things get serious for the three of them the next day.
Prince George and Prince Louis were both already wearing the school’s summer uniform, while Princess Charlotte opted for a blue and white checkered summer dress for her inaugural visit.

The introductions began with refreshments for parents and children before George, Charlotte and Louis headed into their new classroom to meet teachers and other students.

The family recently moved into the pretty 19th-century Adelaide Cottage after the Queen granted them permission to rent the listed four-bedroom house, owned by the Crown Estate. Built for Queen Adelaide in 1831, it is just a 10-minute walk from Windsor Castle in the private Home Park, offering new opportunities for Cambridge children to express themselves.

Prince Louis is the “happiest and bravest” of the three Cambridge siblings, an expert attests

Prinz Louis geht entschlossen mit seinen Eltern dem Herzogspaar von Cambridge, Prinzessin Charlotte und Prinz George an seinem ersten Schultag zur Lambrook School in Berkshire (Fotomontage).
Prince Louis went resolutely with his parents, the Duke and Dukes of Cambridge, Princess Charlotte and Prince George, on his first day of school to Lambight School in Berkshire (photomontage). © Jonathan Brady/dpa & i Images/Imago

Prince William personally drove his three offspring to school in 20 minutes and no doubt enjoyed his first experience of the shorter commute. A stone’s throw from the daily drive from West to South London to George and Charlotte’s old school, Thomas’s Battersea School – Prince Louis previously attended Willcocks Nursery School in Kensington. The school fees now cost almost 60,000 euros, but the three MIniroyals should not lack for anything. At least the two older children are used to elite school menus.

Judi James, a leading expert on body language and behavior on television, observed Prince Louis for Fabulous Magazine on his first day of school and said, “Louis’ eyes are forward, but his expression shows determination rather than nervousness before the first day of school.” Goes on to think Prince Louis is the “happiest and bravest” of the three Cambridge siblings: “He’s happy to be in the spotlight and wants to entertain everyone, as we saw at the anniversary,” she said. It will be a while before the three children of the ducal couple of Cornwall and Cambridge, as they are now called, can put the grief for their great-grandmother behind them. At the moment it is even questionable whether they will continue to attend school.

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