NewsHappy New Year: So glamorous, the royals wished a...

Happy New Year: So glamorous, the royals wished a happy new year

From glamorous to unconventional: A new year is also beginning for the royals. The royal families showed themselves on Instagram and wished them all the best on New Year’s morning.

Stockholm – While Princess Sofia (36) and Prince Carl Philip (42) of Sweden greet you with a snapshot of the slopes from the winter wonderland of Sweden, other royals show themselves in glitter and glamor or wish their subjects a wonderful new year in a very official manner. The most popular royals slipped into the new year in such different ways and let their fans participate on Instagram. *

Happy New Year: So glamorous, the royals wish a happy new year

A year with many ups and downs is also coming to an end for the royal families. Some leaders insisted on wishing fans and friends on Instagram a happy new year. There was every variant from casual to dignified, which is also a small reflection of the past year.

In March of last year, for example, the son Queen Silvias * (78) and King Carl XVI. Gustaf * von and his wife Princess Sofia * are happy about the birth of their third son Julian. Accordingly, the Swedes pose casually for winter New Year greetings in their ski outfits.

Winter magic with Princess Sofia and Carl Philip of Sweden

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Carl Philips’ big sister, Crown Princess Victoria * (44) and her husband Daniel * (48) of Sweden, were far more glamorous. In a glitter robe and black suit, the heir to the throne with fireworks in the background was in a positive mood. “Svens Damtidning” celebrated the popular royals with the words: “Now we are looking forward to the royal super year 2022”. In fact, the Crown Princess couple should have spent New Year’s Eve with Victoria’s sister Madeleine (39) and her family *.

Crown Princess Victoria and husband Daniel let it rip

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Duchess Kate * (39) and Prince William * (39) were also radiant at their New Year’s greeting, for which they chose a backstage picture of their unforgettable glamor appearance at the Bond premiere * in London at the end of September 2021. Seldom have you seen the two of them beaming more relaxed and happier into the camera. Over a million followers reacted to the highlight picture of the Duke couple of Cambridge.

Duchess Kate and Prince William enchant with gold and good humor

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Rania from Jordan * (51) sat down in the armchair and posed while typing her New Year’s greetings in a video. She delivered her good wishes for the New Year in Arabic and English translation, while she never looked up from her cell phone. But over 200,000 fans raised their thumbs for their idea.

Rania from Jordan’s Puritan Cell Phone Greetings

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Officially in front of a white background, Grand Duke Henri * (66) and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa * (65) of Luxembourg smile friendly in their standard format on their congratulatory post, which is available in three languages. The family thanks you for the attentions and messages and wishes you a happy new year 2022. Luxembourgers also have a lot of fun with their youngest offspring. Prince Charles of Luxembourg (1) is the sunshine of the Grand Duchy * and attracts a lot of attention wherever he appears.

Grand Ducal Couple of Luxembourg greet them officially

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Prince Albert II * (63) can only dream of Standard. In his New Year’s address, he has to do without his wife Charlène von Monaco * (43) by his side. There was no reaction from the princess, who is probably still in a clinic in Switzerland. Optimists see in their silence a positive sign that the country’s mother could be with her family and children in the coastal state. A tough year full of rumors is coming to an end for the small principality. In the last days of the year, mourning for her companion and compatriot Desmond Tutu (90, † 2021) determined the life of the native South African. *

Prince Albert remains without Charlène of Monaco

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But the sky in Norway is full of violins, because Princess Märtha Louise * (50) and Durek Verrett (47) enjoy their time in sunny California * and let the New Year begin with a romantic declaration of love for each other. “Happy New Year! We love you all. ”After all, over 30,000 fans have a heart for it.

Pure love for Norway and the world of Princess Märtha Louise

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What all royal postings have in common is the desire to start the new year 2022 positively and full of hope. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

Header list image: © carl_philip13 (Instagram)

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