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"Hard but fair" (ARD): Sascha Lobo questions the Queen's lifetime achievement

Created: 09/20/2022, 8:41 am

Sascha Lobo, Katarina Barley, Mareile Höppner und James Hawes in der ARD-Talkshow „Hart aber fair“ am 19. September 2022.
Sascha Lobo, Katarina Barley, Mareile Höppner and James Hawes on the ARD talk show “Hart aber fair” on September 19, 2022. © IMAGO/Thomas Bartilla

The Queen’s funeral is also a topic in Frank Plasberg’s “Hart aber fair” (ARD). But not all guests are fans of the Royals.

Berlin – It was foreseeable that the topical topic of “Hard but fair” – “The Queen’s farewell: why still the cult of royal houses?” – in view of the millions of last, grieving companions in London and the four billion TV worldwide – viewers of the Queen’s funeral would not exactly lead to an irreconcilable exchange of blows from the talk show guests in the studio.

But when Frank Plasberg (ARD) puts an uncomfortable spirit like Sascha Lobo (“My emotional relationship with the Queen is slightly above zero”), who likes to put his finger in the painful wound, in the round, he also delivers it Expected provocation: “What I don’t like is when you approach the phenomenon of monarchy so uncritically, including in the media, as if it had nothing to do with slavery, colonialism and racism. And that she hasn’t managed to apologize in 70 years for the crimes committed by the system she represents, I don’t think that’s a lifetime achievement to celebrate, but one of the greatest omissions of all .”

“Hard but fair” (ARD): What was the life’s work of the Queen, asks Sascha Lobo

It was clear that Bertram Graf von Quadt zu Wykradt und Isny, who comes from an old Swabian noble family, had to jump to the side of his noble comrade and express his respect for her life’s work – and as far as apologizing is concerned, he referred to her speech in Ireland in 2011, when she apologized for the atrocities committed by the English occupying forces.

  • “Hard but fair” in the first. The guests of the show on September 19, 2022:
  • Mareile Höppner (nobility expert and moderator of the ARD magazine “Brisant”)
  • Katarina Barley (SPD, Vice-President of the European Parliament)
  • Bertram Graf von Quadt zu Wykradt and Isny (SWR3 editor and presenter)
  • Sascha Lobo (columnist and author)

When Lobo specifically asks the Count about her life’s work, Frank Plasberg (ARD) stops him and puts him off until later – and James Hawes is allowed to settle the Queen in the realm of fantasy figures, into which she has entered through her film appearances with James Bond and the animation figure of the bear Paddington, quite self-deprecating. Otherwise, he sees the hype surrounding the deceased queen as a sign of the British longing for agreement in times when they don’t agree on anything.

“Hard but fair” (ARD): Queen did not resist Brexit

Mareile Höppner doesn’t quite trust this we-feeling in the ARD near Plasberg, finds herself more in a “soap”, but admires the bridge that Elizabeth II dared to build with Germany after the Second World War. Half-British Katarina Barley, whose father is English, would have liked the Queen to be more resistant to Brexit in recent years. It came, very subtly, on an official occasion in the form of a blue hat with yellow flowers sewn on, which could certainly be interpreted as the European flag. But the punishment followed quickly: The Sun published old photos of her from the 1930s, where she showed the Hitler salute.

While our Count repeatedly excuses the Queen’s hesitation to get involved politically with the parliamentary directives, Lobo wonders how it was then possible that she was able to influence 160 laws in her favor and neither the inheritance tax nor environmental laws apply to the royals. And already the arch is in the ARD to the new King Charles III. excited, with which most of the employees have always traveled with him on his representative appearances. Now the heir to the throne, who is considered to be more arrogant but also more accessible than his mother and has the reputation of a green pioneer, is to slim down the royal family according to the Danish model.

To the broadcast

“Hard but fair” with Frank Plasberg. The broadcast from September 19, 2022, 9:15 p.m. in the ARD Meditathek

“Hard but fair” (ARD): Britons will wake up with a hangover after Queen’s funeral

The British press (“First permanent job at 73”) is not very euphoric, after all you can’t take one thing away from him, according to Graf von und zu, Charles III. remains King of Scotland, regardless of the outcome of the intended referendum on leaving the Empire. In any case, the British will wake up with a hangover from the current exaggeration of the glorious past, so the joint conclusion of the panel discussion: because exports and imports fell by 15 percent after Brexit, 10,000 truck drivers are missing and there is a real dentist escape to the mainland. England is becoming more and more one of the most unequal, unjust – and soon also one of the poorest? – Countries of the world.

There is Charles freaking out because of a leaking fountain pen at an official signature – as a clip smugly documents – just a drop in the bucket that needs to be “cooled down” with modesty and prudence. So that the monarchy in England is not in the same situation as in the pedestrian zone in Bochum, where the passers-by surveyed in a quick poll by “Hart aber fair” showed absolutely no empathy for this form of society. (Rolf Ruediger Hamacher)

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