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"He ambushed me": Annemarie Eilfeld took a selfie with the suspected murderer of Ayleen (14)

Created: 08/05/2022, 07:15 am

Fotocollage: Links ein Aushang der Polizei zur damals vermissten Ayleen, rechts Annemarie Eilfelds Selfie mit dem Mann.
Five years ago, Annemarie Eilfeld met Ayleen’s alleged killer on the red carpet. © Antonio Pisacreta/dpa and Annemarie Eilfeld/ Facebook

In the case of the killed Ayleen (14), there is currently a man in custody who is known to pop star Annemarie Eilfeld (32). She met him as a fan before a premiere. He asked penetrating questions about her boyfriend.

Echzell/Berlin – In the case of the killed Ayleen (14) there is still a lot to be clarified – the cause of death, the perpetrator and the crime scene are unknown. A 29-year-old is currently in custody: At the end of last week, the police discovered Ayleen’s body in a lake in Hesse, searched the man’s apartment and arrested him shortly afterwards. He and the girl knew each other from weeks of chats on social networks and a well-known online game.

Annemarie Eilfeld met alleged murderer of Ayleen

Five years ago, the pop singer Annemarie Eilfeld (32) met the alleged murderer, who apparently is also a fan of hers. The DSDS awareness met the man on the edge of a premiere on the red carpet after telling her fans via Instagram and Facebook that she would be there.

Bei „Bild TV“ erzählt Annemarie Eilfeld von dem Treffen mit dem mutmaßlichen Mörder. Sie machten ein gemeinsames Selfie.
On “Bild TV” Annemarie Eilfeld tells about the meeting with the alleged murderer. They took a selfie together. © Screenshot Bild TV/ Eilfeld

Eilfeld still remembers the encounter well, even if it was a few years ago, because she found the man “unpleasant” and “penetrative”. The singer describes on “Bild TV”: “He came across as relatively friendly now. Only the questions he asked me became more and more uncomfortable and specific at some point – and I found that funny at the moment.”

“Waited for me”: Annemarie Eilfeld about an unpleasantly penetrating meeting

Annemarie Eilfeld also tells the “Bild” newspaper: “He ambushed me and asked me if he could take a cell phone selfie with me. He was prepared, had various photos of me with him that I was supposed to sign.” At the meeting, the man who is now in custody asked Eilfeld, among other things, where her boyfriend was, why he wasn’t there and whether she was alone on site be. She then quickly disappeared inside.

As the dpa reports, the alleged murderer in the case of Ayleen (14) as a sex offender at risk of recidivism was under so-called management supervision until the beginning of the year. He complained about the police surveillance – and was right shortly before the crime. Sources used: dpa;; picture TV

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