NewsHeat: Heavy thunderstorms bring cooling to Hesse

Heat: Heavy thunderstorms bring cooling to Hesse

Created: 07/25/2022, 12:51 p.m

Regenbogen vor einem stürmischen Himmel.
Temperatures of up to 34 degrees can be expected in Hesse on Monday afternoon (July 25). At the same time, heavy rain and squalls are announced. (Archive image) © Steve Parsons/dpa

Summer thunderstorms are approaching Hesse at the beginning of the week. But in addition to a lot of heat, heavy rain and squalls are waiting. After that it gets quieter – and cooler.

Update from Monday, July 25, 12:51 p.m .: In Hesse, isolated strong thunderstorms are to be expected on Monday (July 25). The forecast by the German Weather Service (DWD) on Saturday (see initial report) is solidifying, with the authority now not ruling out thunderstorms, some with heavy rain, hail and gusts of wind of up to 110 kilometers per hour. In the afternoon, a low spur from the west brings the storm to us, which spreads over Hesse as it progresses.

Despite the announced thunderstorms, it will initially remain hot in Hesse on Monday. Up to 34 degrees are predicted. Only after the rain and wind subside again on Tuesday night should cooler air follow. Temperatures of up to 27 degrees can be expected in Hesse from Tuesday to Thursday. It remains largely free of precipitation.

  • Weather in Hesse: This is how the week goes on
  • Monday (July 25): Thunderstorms with local heavy rain and squalls, maximum temperatures of up to 34 degrees.
  • Tuesday (July 26): Cooler air and maximum temperatures between 24 and 27 degrees.
  • Wednesday (July 27): Partly clear, partly cloudy and no precipitation. Afternoon temperatures 22 to 24, in the south up to 27 degrees.
  • Thursday (July 28): Occasional passage of high clouds, but also sunny at times. Free of precipitation. Maximum temperatures between 24 and 27 degrees.

Heat: Temperature in Hesse goes through the roof again

First report from Saturday, July 23, 3:18 p.m .: Kassel – In the summer of 2022 it feels like one heat wave is chasing the next. Temperatures will normalize for the weekend. But that only seems to be the start of the next heat front. From Monday (July 25) the mercury will shoot well above the 30 degree mark again.

According to the German Weather Service (DWD), Saturday (July 23) should be “mostly rain-free” in Hesse. Only in the mountains could there be isolated showers in the afternoon. The maximum temperatures range between 25 and 29 degrees.

Die Rekord-Hitze neigt sich in Deutschland vorerst dem Ende. Laut DWD folgen starke Unwetter. (Symbolbild)
Weather in Hesse: It’s getting hot again. After that, cooling is expected. (Archive image) © Annette Riedl/dpa

Weather in Hesse: The week starts sunny

The weather in Hesse also remains free of precipitation on the night of Sunday (July 24th). According to the DWD forecast, the lowest temperatures will be 13 degrees in the mountains. Sunday will be clear with temperatures of up to 33 degrees.

  • Weather in Hesse – This is how the week starts

    Sunday (July 24): Up to 33 degrees are expected in Hesse. Storms and precipitation have not been announced.

  • Monday (July 25): With a maximum of 35 degrees, showers and thunderstorms are forecast for the afternoon. Heavy rain should also be possible here.
  • Source: DWD

On Monday (July 25th), Hesse starts the new week sunny. In the afternoon, however, isolated thunderstorms with heavy rain and gusty winds are possible. Temperatures are getting high again. While the DWD speaks of up to 35 degrees, the meteorologist Tim Staeger even expects 37 degrees. He describes the coming heat wave as “short but intense”.

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Thunderstorms in the night: In Hesse, the weather cools down a bit

Tuesday night will initially be characterized by showers and thunderstorms in Hesse. According to the DWD, the temperatures drop to up to 14 degrees.

  • Weather in Hesse – This is how the week goes on
  • Tuesday (July 26th): A few showers and with up to 28 degrees it will be much cooler than on the previous days.
  • Wednesday (July 27): Wednesday moves in a similar range as Tuesday. The temperatures are likely to be a little lower and less precipitation is announced.
  • Source: DWD

Tuesday will then be significantly cooler than the days before. Here the thermometer in northern Hesse already stops at the 25 degree mark. South of the Main it climbs a little further up to 28 degrees, writes the DWD. (Lucas Maier/Vincent Bussow)

The heat can quickly become dangerous; these symptoms indicate sunstroke or heat stroke.

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